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The AFA has been the authentic voice of advice professionals since its beginning in 1946. Today, the AFA is a vibrant, innovative association whose members remain driven by a shared belief in the value of great advice for more Australians. Learn more

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Clients seek advisers who belong to a professional association and abide by a strict Code of Conduct. The AFA Code of Conduct is based on six guiding principles that govern our member's professional practice. 


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We believe that recognising excellence is integral to building a strong profession. Each year the AFA, together with our partners, announce five prestigious awards for quality advice and an award for Life Company of the Year.

Social Highlights
AFA Life Insurance Roadshow 2015

The AFA is supporting advisers to adapt to the Life Insurance Framework by hosting a National Life Insurance Roadshow from 25 August to 3 September. If you provide life insurance advice, this event is for you. In particular, practice owning financial advisers and risk specialists will benefit from an extensive panel of experts supporting the workshop including Russell Collins and PJ Byrne who will talk about how to move to the use of hybrids including setting and charging fees, and how to minimise the risk of clawback. 

AFA 2015 National Adviser Conference

Thank you for helping to make the 2015 AFA National Adviser Conference success. We hope you took inspiration and practical ideas from the 30 advisers and world class business leaders that contributed their experience and expertise to our professional development program. 

Congratulations to all advisers and particularly our AFA Award winners for celebrating the good news stories of quality financial advice. I know our award winners will make great ambassadors for our profession in 2016.