About Campus AFA

Welcome to Campus AFA

Campus AFA is the learning and professional development eco-system of the Association of Financial Advisers

While it doesn't have bricks and mortar, Campus AFA is built on a solid foundation of deep understanding of financial advisers, forged since its beginning in 1946. Today, Campus AFA is the interactive home for all elements of the AFA's education offer. Campus AFA provides a variety of professional development solutions for all financial advisers and supports the AFA's core belief in lifelong learning. We believe that great advisers get the balance right between technical skills and knowledge and how those skills and knowledge are practically applied. 

Campus AFA is the Association’s response to the need for financial advisers to have access to quality, relevant learning opportunities that lead to recognised certifications of the highest academic standing. Campus AFA has developed a robust professional development curriculum built around the needs of the modern financial adviser. It balances academic rigour with high-value applied practice development. 

Campus AFA offers three professional designation pathways:

Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP)

Chartered Life Practitioner

Associate Chartered Financial Practitioner (AChFP)




Angela Karas

Manager - Education, Policy and Professionalism
T: 02 8036 8173