About Membership

Association of Financial Advisers membership

AFA membership is the mark of professionalism

Joining the AFA means joining a vibrant and forward looking professional community. Membership brings opportunities for professional growth and development and gives comfort to clients knowing that as an AFA member, you are guided by the best practice principles of Australia's oldest and most active association of practising financial advisers. We passionately believe in the value of financial advice to transform people's lives and have been the authentic voice on the value of advice since our beginning in 1946.

Our members are:

  • Accountable to the AFA Code of Conduct: Principles of Practice
  • Hold professional qualifications
  • Committed to continuous learning and development
  • Dedicated to the financial wellbeing of their clients above all else
  • Balance expert knowledge with professional application and care

Our purpose is to support financial advisers in delivering great advice to more Australians. Our commitment is to lead, support and inspire members and partners to reach their potential so that more Australians benefit from quality advice.


Lucais Yeung

Member Services Officer

Conor Wymer

Member Services Manager

If you would like to learn more about the AFA, our Member benefits and how we can support you on your professional journey please call our toll free Member number - 1800 656 009.

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