About Us


The AFA has been the authentic voice on the value of advice since its beginning. Founded in 1946, the AFA is the oldest association representing financial advisers and their clients in Australia.

Today, the AFA is a vibrant and innovative association that remains driven by its member advisers and a shared belief in the need for great advice for more Australians.

We are passionate about financial advice and the difference it makes in the lives of Australians,” Philip Kewin, AFA CEO

AFA Strategic Direction



We will advocate for policy settings that enable sustainable and profitable advice practices to deliver great advice to more Australians


We will nurture an advice community that shares the culture of the AFA and supports advisers and their practices to reach their potential through professional, client-centric behaviour, advice and service


We will proactively raise consumer awareness, understanding and perceptions of financial advice so that more Australians seek out our members to build, manage and protect their wealth


We will deliver a great service experience to our members, partners and stakeholders in all that we do