Encourages giving back to local communities.

Who we are and what we do

The AFA Foundation is the operating name of the Trustee for the Association of Financial Advisers and the fundraising and disbursement activities are coordinated by the AFA Foundation committee, with support from AFA head office.

The AFA Foundation committee comprises a representative from QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, SA, WA, plus representatives from AFA head office and the AFA board.

The AFA Foundation encourages giving back to local communities by;

  • Offering a structured way of donating to a range of charity partners at national and local levels, where the power of the collective donations can achieve greater outcomes than individual donations.
  • Facilitating connections with charity partners for the adviser / practice to create an ongoing relationship
  • Offering experiences that are life changing, such as the adventure fundraising trips to Kokoda

AFA member support of the AFA Foundation makes a meaningful difference to people in need via our financial and non financial support. This creates opportunities to foster community spirit and respect, by being connected and engaged with the financial advice profession.

Our Foundation committee members

Tanya Woolnough

QLD Foundation Chair

Robyn Faber black & white

Robyn Faber

SA Foundation Chair

Steve Salvia

WA Foundation Chair

Jasmin Loke

NSW Foundation Chair

Emily Cossignan

VIC Foundation Chair

Colette Thunig

TAS Foundation Chair