The future of advice

A ‘Genxter’ is an aspiring adviser or business owner who is looking to evolve, innovate and grow their career, business, skills, approach, engagement, and clients through new ideas within an aspirational and dynamic community.

The mandate for Genxt, like all AFA Communities of Practice, is to connect knowledge with performance. What is unique to Genxt however, is its focus on creating a powerful peer group to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, skills, experience and networks from experienced advisers to those building their career. The Genxt Community of Practice brings together professionals who share a passion for advice and the challenges associated with their career stage. Through the process of sharing information and experience, members learn and develop both personally and professionally and many respected industry professionals will tell you that they started out as members of Genxt.

It’s a fun and nurturing community, supported by a framework that encourages members to step-up to be the future leaders of their profession and a voice amongst peers. The group encourages new advisers to actively participate in their profession and deeply understand the issues, opportunities and challenges ahead.

We invite you to accelerate your career join the largest, most professional adviser development program in the country. 


Who can join?

Genxt membership is open to AFA members who are new to financial services and the advice profession. This doesn’t mean you have to be young, people who have changed career are very welcome. New Adviser Members are encouraged to participate.

AFA Membership
This program is a benefit for AFA Members. It is an important professional development initiative designed to support practicing financial advisers with three or less years of experience as well as other professionals working in financial services. We invite you to join and become a part of our community.


AFA Genxt Podcast

Episode 1: Enhancing your client experience through behavioural money coaching

Ashley Mahadeea, Amie Baker, Cara Mollica and Jacqui Henderson

In the very first episode of the AFA Genxt podcast, Ash is joined by three incredible entrepreneurs in the financial planning industry to discuss how behavioural money coaching will enable you to get to the heart of your clients’ goals. As the financial planning industry & the role of the adviser evolves, and with the industry moving more and more towards a profession based on client values and goals as opposed to products, how do you build and nurture relationships to create real and transformational results for your clients?

Episode 2: Meet the legends. Standing the test of time with Bill Webster, Deborah Kent and Peter Graham

The aim of this podcast is to help advisers navigate through career challenges. In Episode two, Ash speaks to three absolute legends of the financial advice industry: Bill Webster, Deborah Kent and Peter Graham. With a combined 125 years of experience they share stories to inspire the younger generation of advisers about the nobility of the financial adviser role in society. They discuss how they have successfully overcome challenges and stayed ahead of the game for a very long time.

Episode 3: Demystifying the Professional Year with Amelia Constantinidis, Ben Johnson and Mia Johnson

Since 2019, more than 550 provisional advisers have enrolled in the Professional Year and another 260 are expected to start this quarter. The Professional Year refers to workplace and other activities that are relevant to developing professional skills to perform the role of providing financial advice. In this episode, Ash speaks to Amelia Constantinidis, Standards Director at FASEA and also with Ben Johnson and Mia Johnson, 2 young advisers currently undertaking their Professional Year. The aim is to give you both a technical and practical understanding of the Professional Year.

Episode 4: Growing with the AFA with Morgan Hayward, Dawn Thomas and Charlie Green

The AFA has always been a vibrant and innovative association that facilitates the emergence of new ideas & new leaders via its Communities of Practice. This podcast is the perfect example of the AFA’s commitment to develop new ideas to enhance the sharing of knowledge, skills, and experience to all its members. In this episode, we speak to Morgan Hayward,  AFA Gold Coast Chair, Dawn Thomas, National Chair of the Inspire Community and Charlie Green, National Chair of the Genxt Community. The aim of Episode 4 is to demonstrate how these young leaders have flourished through their involvement at the AFA, by being given the opportunity to lead.

Episode 5: Championing the different roles in advice

There are many different roles in the financial advice ecosystem, all contributing to the provision of quality financial advice. The aim of episode 5 is to showcase the importance of three of those roles and understand how they fit in the advice world. In this episode, Ash Mahadeea speaks to Mark Stubbings, business development professional at Aware Super, Jade Khao, Practice Manager at ANZ and Kamel Saxena, Strategic Paraplanner at Plans of Distinction.


Episode 6: AFA leaders share their hopes for 2022

In this episode, we speak to Sam Perera, President of the AFA and Phil Anderson, CEO of the AFA. We discuss the opportunities and challenges for the advice world in 2022 and the AFA’s commitment in helping advisers navigate through them. We also learn a little bit more about Sam and Phil on a personal level.