In conversation with John Cachia | VIC Practitioner Chair

Hi John, congratulations are in order! It’s been a busy few months for you. Not only were you named in the top 50 influential financial advisers by Financial Standard, but also a finalist in the AFA Great Advice Awards. Some people have taken a step back in 2021 but it seems you’ve not slowed down at all!

Thanks for that, I really appreciate it. I’m honored to be named amongst the top 50 most influential advisers in the country and I’m also extremely humbled to be a part of the AFA Great Advice Awards. To me, it is definitely a team effort, so this recognition is for all the hard work that my team has done over the years for our clients. And no, we haven’t slowed down at all!

As you know this was the first year of the Great Advice Awards, how did it feel to be recognised as a finalist in your state?

I’m extremely honoured to be awarded as a finalist as it is recognition from my peers, who I respect so much, for the great work that we do for our clients. Everyday we try to make the most impact for our clients to transform their lives from where they are now to where they want to be so being recognised for this is amazing.

And as for Power 50, that’s a fantastic achievement- well done. You’ve been an AFA member for 9 years. What initially attracted you to the AFA?

For me, AFA is very much aligned with my personal and professional values. I see AFA as an innovator in our industry and as a vehicle to create a more progressive culture in financial advisory and through that we can collectively improve every aspect of financial advice in Australia for both financial advisers and their clients.

And what do you enjoy most about the AFA community?

I enjoy meeting and collaborating with like-minded individuals who are as passionate about financial advice as I am. I also enjoy the learning resources that you share. I am continuously learning and increasing my knowledge about all things finance and AFA helps me do that.

You’ve recently stepped into the role of the state chair for our Practitioner Community of Practice. What made you want to take on the challenge?

I think this was a natural progression for me as I have dedicated nearly two decades of my life to the industry that I absolutely love. I see the financial planning profession at an important stage in its life, where it has been hit to the ground lately and is picking itself back up to be stronger. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this amazing profession.

And what do you hope to bring to the community while you’re in this role?

I am aiming to build a community that is closely connected, while personally being not only a prominent voice for our profession but also a representative voice for all the practitioners in the AFA community. The vision is to build a community that all practitioners are proud to be a part of and feel closely connected to their fellow members, comfortable sharing ideas and great stories, and collaborating on needs and solutions with each other.

Tell us, when you’re not busy winning awards and taking on new challenges, what would we find you doing in your day job?

I am the founder, financial adviser and visionary at the Australian Financial Advisers Group (AFA Group Wealth), a financial advisory practice based in Essendon, Victoria. We are primarily focused on helping ambitious millennial families achieve financial freedom. I am currently working with three aspiring financial advisers and captain a team of 18 to provide the highest level of service to our clients.

What do you enjoy most about being a financial adviser?

I love being an adviser. It’s such a unique role and one that enables us to empower people to achieve things that they never thought possible. How many people get to go to work every day knowing they are helping people realise their dreams? First, we take the role of chief designer then we help our clients to build their dreams. It is incredibly rewarding. Mostly we have life-long relationships with our clients and they become like family to us and we become part of their family. It’s a real privilege.

What would we find you doing at the weekends?

Family time with my wife and two young boys is always the priority, we often travel to our holiday home on the coast. I love being able to spend downtime with them, making memories. I also try to carve out some ‘John time’ when I’ll read a book and relax.

And finally, are you a dog or cats kind of guy? And answer that carefully, it tells me a lot about you!

I’m definitely a dog person. We don’t have one yet, as we are just managing with the two little monkeys in our life, but we’ll probably get one once the kids grow up and become more independent and are able to help take care of a dog.

John Cachia, interviewed by Will Pascoe, Membership & Marketing Manager at AFA HQ.