In conversation with Sam Robinson | AFA Treasurer

Hi Sam, and congratulations on moving into a new role on the AFA board. Remind us, how many years have you been on the board now?

I was originally bought into the AFA family after being a finalist of the AFA rising star award in 2013. After this I couldn’t wait to get more involved, I was asked to run the Victorian AFA Genxt community of practice in 2014. After 2 years I decided that I loved being involved so much that I wanted to put my hand up for a Victorian State Director position in 2016 and was thankfully supported by my peers. So, 5 years and counting!

Wow, that’s pretty impressive! Obviously, you knew Matt well and worked closely with him in his time as treasurer, what made you want to take on the challenge when he stepped down?

Matt is a great friend of mine and when he decided to focus on his family and business, I knew that I could definitely help out by continuing the great work he was already doing. We are at such a pivotal point in our profession, and I am excited to be a part of the next chapter of the AFA.

Bring on 2022! The board aside, what do you most value about being a member of the AFA?

We have such a strong community of leaders within the profession. Being able to surround yourself with those who are continually striving for better outcomes for clients, their teams, and the profession is inspiring and has continually pushed me to elevate my thinking.

That completely resonates with me too, the community atmosphere is something that attracted me to the AFA also. What do you hope to bring to the treasurer position at the AFA?

I am naturally very strategic and have high attention to detail. I am passionate about aligning services with value and business objectives and am looking forward to continuing to inject ideas and continue to help the AFA evolve.

I like how you discretely plugged our 2021 conference theme there Sam! And tell us, what is your day-to-day role, outside of your board responsibility?

I’m a founding Director of Pursue Wealth, a boutique financial services firm in South Melbourne. We specialise in the next generation of clients, offering holistic financial advice, mortgage broking and accounting services. We are passionate about inspiring our clients to make informed financial decisions that help them live a fun and fulfilling lifestyle. We have big aspirations and have no plans on slowing down any time soon.

That sounds great, what initially drew you to the industry? Why is financial advice important to you?

With the right motivation and great financial advice, I truly believe anyone can achieve their dreams. Working with the next generation to provide foundational financial skills can be life-changing, and something I am proud to be a part of.

What a fantastic mantra, our community really can make such a difference to people’s lives. Is there a particularly memorable client that stands out?

There are lots but the most memorable client experiences are always the ones where I have been a part of their world in all the ups and downs. Helping clients out of debt, navigating hard relationship questions, career progressions, growing families and buying homes. All the reasons why I love what I do.

You’re obviously very committed and love what you do, it’s very inspiring. But outside of work, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I moved to Melbourne 10 years ago and I have to say I am now a very typical Melbournite. I love going out for great food and wine accompanied by even better company. Outside of that you can normally find me going for a walk or skateboard down the beach with my gorgeous bulldog Wally or planning my next adventure holiday.

Skateboarding sounds fun, I took up roller skating during lockdown, but the progress is slow! I wanted to ask, what is some advice you would give to an adviser just entering the industry?

Understand your value. Never underestimate that what comes easily to you can be life-changing for your clients. If you genuinely care for your clients and choose your advice carefully you will have an incredibly rewarding and exciting career ahead of you.

Words of wisdom! Finally, Sam, and most importantly, you can either go to a sporting event or a concert- which are you choosing?

Concert – every day!

Me too! Thanks for your time today, Sam, it’s been great speaking with you. On behalf of AFA HQ we wish you all the best in your new role and look forward to working closely with you.


Sam Robinson, interviewed by Will Pascoe, Membership & Marketing Manager at AFA HQ.