Blowing the dust off your LinkedIn profile – By Jenny Pearse

I’m guessing you can recall setting up your LinkedIn profile but when was the last time you looked at it? I’m not talking about flicking through the newsfeed and occasionally liking or commenting on a post or closing the app down because you don’t know how to maximise it. What I really want to know is when was the last time you truly looked at your LinkedIn profile through the eyes of someone meeting you for the first time?

That’s what I thought, complete silence, it’s been awhile!

Think of this, LinkedIn now reports there are 8,000,000 registered users in Australia, according to Social Media News – just over half of this number log in every month. They estimate 4,500,000 monthly active Australian users.

Those active Aussie’s utilising LinkedIn have discovered that you can in fact make your presence felt on LinkedIn but most importantly they understand that LinkedIn is essentially your very own personal website! And with LinkedIn now experiencing record levels of engagement around the world, you can be sure that your next connection, client, colleague will be visiting your profile to discover more about you.

Get the basics right!

LinkedIn business pages are on the rise however your personal profile is where all the action is at! Make sure you have these touch points completed!

  1. Make sure the information you have is up to date! No-one is impressed when you are still listed as being employed in a role you left 2 years ago. Make sure your details are current.
  2. Strike a pose! Your headshot counts, LinkedIn estimates having a profile photo will result in up to 21x more views of your profile and 9x more connection requests. Don’t stop at your headshot make sure you include an image for your profile banner as well.
  3. Own your brand! Get with it and customise your vanity URL and own your name. It’s much easier to promote your profile with a customised link.
  4. Make your profile about you! The most important content on your LinkedIn profile is your headline and summary. Your headline acts as a showcase of your focus or specialisation, helping to provide context to your profile. Write your story and focus on you as an individual, now is not the time to write as if you are preparing your CV.
  5. Take us on your journey! Allow people to see the pathway you have been on in your career and the evolution you’ve experienced. This is your opportunity to build connection and begin the first steps in a trust relationship.

When working through your profile, keep the language simple and easy to read; be mindful of over exaggeration and superlatives! The key to give them a virtual version of you and then tell them where else they can find you by including up to date contact information and a call to action.

Completing these steps will help you re-awaken your profile and you can then take the next steps to making your presence felt in a professional networking community. Finally, like any form of communication and marketing it does take commitment to grow your profile. Once you’ve made that commitment take the leap of faith; participate and engage as frequently as you can to build your community.

Jenny Pearse, Managing Director, Jenesis.

April 2019