The Power 7 with Ellie…

Ellie Fordham, Financial Adviser, Dozzi and 2019 AFA Rising Star Finalist shares why being able to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives led her to financial advice, the sacrifices she made to start her own advice business and how she would like to see financial advice  become more accessible for all Australians.

1.Why financial advice?

To be able to make a meaningful difference to people’s lives, help them achieve what they didn’t think was possible, and create an amazing experience for all Australians.  Deep down I am a number cruncher, so why not pass on something I like to do that so many people don’t?

2.What are you most proud of?

All the sacrifices we made to start an independent financial advice business.  It certainly wasn’t easy and took some adjusting, but I’m really proud of the direction we decided to take and how it has presented some incredible opportunities to us now and in the future.

3.Who inspires you?

There are a few people.  In particular my best friend has been through many challenges, life changing ones, and she constantly amazes me with how she just takes it all in her stride, looks for the positives in the situation, and gets on with life and what she has to do to make it work.  She knows what she wants and what makes her happy, and she is dedicated to achieving that no matter the challenges.

4.What advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t sweat the small stuff!!!  Now that I’m much clearer on the direction I am heading and have some guidance on the journey there, I’ve got greater focus and I’m celebrating more wins along the way.  I think I relate this not just to business but to life generally.

5.Your most recent ‘high-five’ moment? 

Being an AFA Rising Star Finalist. Although it sounds corny, I learned so much about myself personally and professionally, was surrounded by incredible people and had a blast at the same time!  It was an incredible opportunity to get away from the office and focus on my why, and I reiterated to me why I am so passionate about independent financial advice.

6.Your big hairy audacious goal for 2020?

Make independent financial advice more accessible for all Australians.  This is one of the reasons I am in this profession and I’m incredibly focused on making this happen.

7.Where will you be in ten years?

A leader in the most renowned independent financial advice business in Australia.