Power 7 with Katherine…

Meet AFA’s new NSW/ACT Director Katherine Hayes, a risk specialist financial adviser based in Canberra running her own practice, Hayes & Co. Insurance. Read Katherine’s advice to her younger self and why all of us have a responsibility to make memorable moments.

1.Why a career in the financial advice profession?

In short, I live making people’s lives better. I’m passionate about financial literacy and risk – I like that there is always something to learn no matter how long you’ve been in the industry.

2.Your favourite quote?

“We have a responsibility to make memorable moments, as there will come a time in our lives, when that’s all we may have.” This really speaks to me as a risk adviser knowing we can lose our health or loved ones and as a mum of 3 boys who are growing up so fast

3.What advice would you give to your younger self?  

Don’t ask for the universe to grant you patience, there is no magic switch, it’s just asking to be tested at every turn.

4.One thing you’ve changed in your business during COVID-19.

Like many others, I’ve been using Zoom for the majority of my meetings. Previously it was around 10% of meetings. I think it will remain at 50% even post COVID-19. It offers so much efficiency.

5.Your most recent ‘high-five’ moment?

In February I became an author after publishing my book “Make Money Your Bitch!” which I co-wrote with my best friend and podcast co-cost. We were honoured to have the Inaugural Small Business Ombudsman Kate Carnell as the spokesperson for our book launch event.

6.What can we find you doing most weekends?

On the weekends you’ll find me in the garden, hanging out with my 3 boys, our dog “Sizzles” and our bearded dragon “Spike”. I also produce a weekly podcast Money Madams and when that’s all done, like to enjoy a movie with my boys.

7. Have you seen anything lately that made you smile?

My children. They are some of the coolest and funniest people I know, and I have no idea where they got those traits from.  I love a good dad joke, but I’m really slow on the uptake.