Power 7 with Morgan…

Meet Morgan Hayward, Senior Financial Adviser at Vault Financial Group and our new Gold Coast chair for AFA QLD State Committee. We asked Morgan our Power 7 and learned about ‘partner conscientiousness’, what money doesn’t buy and what Morgan has recently changed in her workplace.

1.Why is financial advice important to you?

I grew up in a household where money and the management of money was not spoken about and prominent issues were neglected. This continually caused tensions in my family and with one in three marriages ending in divorce (one of the lead reasons being financial problems), I want to change this statistic.

2.Your favourite quote?

Money doesn’t buy happiness, money buys choices and it’s what you do with those choices that makes you happy.

3.What advice would you give to your younger self?  

Breathe. Take smaller, more achievable steps and enjoy each phase of life. I have always put so much pressure on myself to be a high achiever, that I ran through life and failed to enjoy the journey.

4.One thing you’ve changed in your workplace during COVID-19?

The typical answer here is that we have integrated a lot more video conferencing. In the bigger picture, I feel my clients have formed a deeper connection with me and opened up the lines of communication. If I don’t know what is happening in their life, I cannot help them or do my job to the best of my ability. COVID saw jobs lost, assets depreciate and businesses shutting their doors and I was able to guide my clients through some of these pressures they felt.

5.Your most recent ‘high-five’ moment?

In planning you have a lot of high five moments but the high five moments for me are when I receive a referral from a client. There is no greater compliment to the work that I do than a referral.

AFA Editor note: And a massive congrats to Morgan completing her Masters of Applied Finance (Financial Planning) 😊

6.What can we find you doing most weekends?  

Most weekends you will find me out Latin dancing, I love all Latin styles (My favourites are salsa and samba), playing beach volleyball, out in the ocean or hiking in the Gold Coast Hinterland with my partner and sausage dog.

7.Have you seen anything lately that made you smile?   

I am fortunate enough to smile every day! I have always been a big advocate for “Partner conscientiousness” and I strongly believe the right partner will support your growth and development both personally and professionally. Just last night my partner and I sat on the couch, talking and laughing the entire night.