The Power 7 with Charles….

Charles Badenach, Principal and Private Client Adviser at Main Street Financial Solutions shares life outside the comfort zone, a high-five moment and a secret (not anymore!) holiday destination.


  1. Why financial advice?Financial advice has the ability to change lives and to be a part of that process is a privilege and an honour. Being able to work with clients over long periods and helping to transform the way they can live their lives is the most rewarding job in the world.

    2. What are you most proud of?

Walking away from an ASX listed financial planning firm with an established client base, a high salary and strict restraint of trade provisions with my business partner Rebecca Fergusson and starting again at ground zero due to a conflict of values.

Starting as a “greenfields business” was liberating, exciting, frightening and well outside the comfort zone. We now have a business with 9 staff (5 Private Client Advisers) and a growing clients base  in an environment in which all our staff are thriving. We represent the financial planning business of the future.

3. What advice would you give to your younger self?

Life begins outside the comfort zone and if you drive the same car in the same lane as everyone else you will get the same result. Dare to be different.

4. Your most recent ‘high-five’ moment?

Being recognised as an ‘Employer of Choice’ last year where our staff nominated the business and really articulated what it means to work in an environment where you treat your staff as family.

5. Favourite holiday destination?

Orford on Tasmania’s east cost, the Maldives of Australia albeit a little colder – surfing, national parks, vineyards, fishing, scuba diving, cycling, beaches, friends, cafes and relaxing; all an hour from Hobart’s CBD. One of the world’s hidden treasures.

6. Your big hairy audacious goal for 2019?

To work with our business coach and have a road-map on how the business will look in 3 years’ time, which will provide all our staff with targets and goals in which to work towards. This will enable each to reach their own financial and lifestyle goals over that period.

7. Where will you be in ten years?

Older, greyer and hopefully still relevant in a financial planning practice that is innovative, dynamic, unaligned and profitable; that continues to provide an outstanding outcome for clients and staff. If you enjoy what you do, why leave?