The Power 7 with Julia….

Julia Schortinghuis, Director Lighthouse Capital, shares her passion for financial literacy and how WA members will soon have an opportunity to support a world-first holistic research facility!


  1. Why financial advice?It’s pretty simple for me – I really enjoy helping others and I like a challenge! We have one of the most complex taxation and legal systems in the world that can be overwhelming for many – which is why I feel that  financial literacy is a key element of the work that we do. I also really like the fact that financial planning is a good mix between left brain and right brain, making it an incredibly challenging profession to master given the range of skills required.2. What are you most proud of? 

In recent years we have expanded our “advice ecosystem” model where we run collaborative meetings with our clients “other advice professionals” such as their accountants, bankers and lawyers. This enables all parties to apply their specialisations and advice in a collaborative way which further enhances the overall advice, strategies and ultimately – client outcomes. The value add and peace of mind that this offers clients, particularly those with complex needs is significant.

3. What advice would you give to your younger self?  

To trust your gut and understand that how and where you spend your time is a “choice”.  Decide what is important and where you can make the biggest difference – actively make sure that you allocate time each week to those goals and passions and step by step you will get there!

4. Your most recent ‘high-five’ moment?

At our recent AFA Inspire – International Women’s Day breakfast, as the Co-Chair in WA, we were excited to announce that our members will have the opportunity to support patients of the soon to be opened Breast Cancer Research Centre in WA. This world first holistic facility will be headed up by Professor Arlene Chan – medical oncologist who was recently awarded an Order of Australia medal for her ground-breaking work.

5. Favourite holiday destination?

I have two – tenting in Coral Bay which is a thirteen hour drive north of Perth.  It’s remote, has stunning coral beaches, nice and relaxed, a place where I get to stop and breathe, fish, enjoy friends and family and essentially enjoy the simple things in life.
The other is Val Thorens in France – the highest ski resort in Europe. My husband’s family live in Europe so we are fortunate to have the excuse to regularly visit. Standing at the top of a ski run, overlooking Mont Blanc and the snow-covered mountains never ceases to take my breath away.

6. Early or late tech adopter?

Late. We have tended to put greater emphasis on building and maintaining team culture and ongoing education at the expense of tech development.  Culture is our critical success factor, however the need to focus on tech to streamline our back-office operations has never been greater. We have spent more time on this area than any other in recent months which is now starting to pay early dividends. The continuous (and relentless) compliance changes are a handbrake on growing the practice, so workflow and systems management is now front and centre in our thinking and time spend – in order to enable us to continue our organic expansion.

7. Your big hairy audacious goal for 2019?

To shave an hour off the preparation time for our Annual Review SOA process by streamlining it through Xplan with minimal post editing. Wish us luck !