The Power 7 with Mia….

Mia Taylor, Personal Financial Adviser, Evalesco Financial Services reveals why she finds financial advice so rewarding, her most recent ‘high-five’ moment and purchasing her dream home!


  1. Why financial advice?Initially it wasn’t what I had in mind for my career, but once I understood the positive impact that good financial advice can have I knew it was what I was meant to do. I love seeing the transformation in clients who initially come in feeling stressed and overwhelmed who over time feel more confident and in control. This job is challenging but can also be extremely rewarding.
  2. What are you most proud of?
    Purchasing my dream home. It’s a constant reminder of what I can achieve if I put my mind to something.3. What advice would you give to your younger self?
    You are capable of more than you realise, learn to back yourself and please travel more!

    4. Your most recent ‘high-five’ moment!
    I just walked out of meeting with a client who opened the meeting with ” I must first say thank you, I now feel like one of those organised people I always aspired to be and it’s thanks to you!”  I love feedback like this.

    5. The one word you wish everyone would stop using!
    Busy is the obvious one but it’s difficult to change. The second one is maybe – if your immediate response is not a “hell yes” then the answer is no. Don’t procrastinate with a maybe response.

    6. Early or late tech adopter?
    I’m an early adopter of technology. Anything which saves me time or makes me more productive, I’m keen to try out. I can quickly identify if it’s worth the hype or not.

    7. Where will you be in ten years?
    Probably doing what I’m doing now only faster, with less friction points and for more people.