The Power 7 with Paul….

Paul Forbes, Chief Executive Officer, Robina Financial Solutions shares an inspiring client success story, his big goal for 2019 and an ambitious 10-year plan.

  1. Why financial advice?
    Fresh out of university I stared working with AMP in Brisbane in their ‘special values’ area. Within six months and because my degree had involved programming, I was moved into a new ‘tech’ area that was launching AMP’s first CRM system – Champion. As it was expensive it was only really available to AMP’s biggest practices and I was sent to install and train their staff on the hardware and software. After spending time with these practices I was genuinely impressed with the people and what they were doing.When I was offered the chance to

move into the advice side I jumped at it and have never regretted that decision. I subsequently travelled and did the corporate ladder piece both in product providers and licensees but never lost the passion and respect I have for advisers and the work they do.

2. Your most recent ‘high-five’ moment?
We just hit our 5-year business objectives in three years but more importantly our office managed to take a spouse on the verge of breakdown due to the personal and financial impacts of a husband’s Vascular Dementia, to the point where she is financially sound with a husband in full time care and subsidised by NDIS.  Four months of work but a potential financial difference to the couple of $200 – $300k over five years but the personal relief we were able to give that spouse was the high five moment.

3. Favourite holiday destination?
Bare boat sailing holiday in the Whitsundays in September or skiing in Big White Canada in January.

4. The one word you wish everyone would stop using!
‘Unprecedented’ – when you use the word it simply shows you do not read enough history.

5. Your big hairy audacious goal for 2019?
Transition from a three adviser business to a five adviser business while maintaining our profit margin and not losing an A, B or C client in the process.

6. Early or late tech adopter?
Smart follower.  You don’t need to be the ground breaker and every new idea is not a good one.  When you make the call, however, invest in resources and implement thoroughly with a proper project plan.

7. Where will you be in ten years?
The business will be the most successful practice in the South East corner of Queensland and I will be semi-retired and working remotely for at least six months a year, either in Europe or Canada.