Networking – By Charles Green


Just mentioning this word to some people can evoke feelings of dread. Don’t worry, I’m there with you! My hands are going clammy at the thought of self-imposed small talk. So perhaps a topic that so soon after the Christmas period – THE most full-on period of networking – could cause you to continue flipping the pages. But BEAR WITH ME. We can get through this together, because, for all its awkwardness, a little networking is essential for you to be successful in our profession. 


Here’s a few reasons why networking is GREAT: 


  1. Community – There’s no question that the advice profession has been through a tough couple of years, and there’s plenty more for us to work through. Working in small practices or working as a solo practitioner can be isolating at times. Like anyone going through a tough period, it’s comforting to have others around you that know what you’re feeling and can offer an empathetic ear. 
  2. Tips & Tricks – Some of the most valuable advice and insights that I’ve been able to take back to our practice are those shared at networking events by other advisers. There is a wealth of knowledge out there, and it’s rare there’s a situation that at least one other adviser hasn’t dealt with before. Whether it’s help with process, client situations or tech, your best resource can simply be your fellow peers. So, pick up the phone and check in on a colleague, join an online network (such as the Genxt Facebook page), look out for opportunities to participate in webinars and connect with your peers. Now more than ever, it’s important to be an active part of your community.
  3. Study – The new education requirements coming into force will result in the majority of existing advisers having to complete additional study. Study groups are another perfect opportunity to put yourself out there for the mutual benefit of you, your fellow advisers and the profession. There are plenty of great online groups out there on Facebook you can look into or contact Campus AFA to learn about the Campus AFA Facebook community . 
  4. Career – I’m a huge advocate for networking because, why wouldn’t I be? It’s how I got my job! Leaning on your professional networks is the best way to job search when you’re looking to take the next step in your career. Not only when you’re looking, but sometimes when you’re not looking, having a strong network of professionals that respect your work could also present opportunities you never would have sought yourself. 


Genxt, Inspire and our new paraplanning community Pulse will be running some quality online-events throughout the year in line with some of the challenges we’re facing with coronavirus event restrictions. While social distancing keeps us from the more natural forms of networking, it’s so important to stay connected and continue having conversations with your peers through alternative mediums. We’ve seen some amazing outcomes from our recent events, such as the meet the politician’s event recently held in Brisbane. What better way to ensure we are the masters of our own destiny than to unite with one voice and discuss issues with those in power. When we come together as a collective to improve the future of advice, everyone benefits.


So, while the events of 2020 mean a whole new approach to how we network, I challenge you to discover new ways to connect with and learn from your peers. Trust me, it’s worth your time.


By Charles Green
AFA Genxt National Chair


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