Top tips for staying hydrated: 8 glasses a day

Get on top of your hydration and your whole outlook on life will change. Adequate hydration helps with healthy blood flow, regular kidney function, digestive functionality, and the correct balance of sodium, potassium and electrolytes. As well as this, keeping ourselves hydrated helps with fatigue and brain function.

The average adult male requires about 2.6L/day of fluids (10 cups), and adult women 2.1L (8 cups). This is inclusive of all fluids like water, milk, tea, etc.

There are also some fluids to avoid when trying to hydrate:

  • Coffee: caffeine is a known diuretic (meaning it makes you need to wee more often).
  • Alcohol: drinking alcohol inhibits your ability to feel thirsty or tired – 2 main indicators that you are dehydrated. It also decreases the body’s production of antidiuretic hormone, which is used by the body to reabsorb water.

To make sure you’re remembering to drink, try:

  • Taking a water bottle everywhere with you
  • Drinking a glass of water every time you eat
  • Infusing your water with fruit (so it actually tastes like something)
  • Drinking herbal tea or soda water if you need something a bit zestier than your standard tap water.

Staying adequately hydrated will have huge benefits in the long run, including weight management, better sleep patterns and a higher level of energy and alertness during the day.

Source: This is an edited extract from 8 Glasses a day available from AFA Care and Benestar,