AFA Care

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We recognise that everyone needs support from time to time

The past few years have been challenging for our members, be it the onus of the raft of reforms in the industry, passing the exam, the global pandemic, or the natural disasters in the form of bushfires and floods.

At the AFA, we recognise that everyone needs support at some time in their lives. Through all our Communities of Practice and their members, there are many ways to receive assistance.

AFA Care provides a wide range of benefits to our members:

  • Independent and non-aligned support
  • A non-judgmental environment to discuss and consider issues
  • No cost to AFA members, their employees or families
  • Completely confidential telephone counselling and support
  • Assisting you to enhance your individual health and wellbeing
  • Short-term, solution focused counselling and coaching

To access Benestar services call 1300 360 364 and quote 'FAAA'

Access the Benehub online portal

The Benehub online portal has a large variety of content to help support your health and well being including learning modules, videos and animations, articles, blogs, podcasts, meditations, self-assessments and resources toolkits. Download the instructions to access this below.