AFA Education Partners

Kaplan Professional Education

Kaplan Professional is the AFA’s principal education partner and one of the largest providers of professional education and training in Australia.

Kaplan offers education programs in both vocational and higher education, providing seamless pathways from certificate level through to masters degrees. Focusing on creating long-term training and education partnerships with individuals and organisations such as the AFA, Kaplan develops learning solutions that range from ASIC compliance programs to professional qualifications.

Kaplan’s reputation is built on the quality of its programs, the flexibility of delivery options and the rigour of its approach to assessment and industry education standards.


Asia Pacific Financial Services Association (APFinSA)

The Asia Pacific Financial Services Association represents 11 countries making it one of the leading thought leadership forums for financial services issues in the world. In addition, APFinSA aims to assist the formation of national associations in the other regional countries and/or territories. The close ties between the AFA and APFinSA gives the Association important links in the Asia Pacific region, vital in an increasingly globalised world. APFinSA is the body responsible for awarding the Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP) designation to financial advisers who have successfully completed the required program of learning.


International Certification and Standards Board (ICSB)

The International Certification and Standard Board (ICSB) is a key standing committee of APFinSA. ICSB sets the standards and guidelines for the Training and Education Division of APFinSA. 

AFA General Manager, Member Services & Campus AFA, Nick Hakes has been re-appointed for a second time, to the International Certification & Standards Board for the Asia Pacific Financial Services Association (APFinSA).  Nick represents the financial advice profession through the ICSB Board. His participation demonstrates the AFA’s commitment to quality, internationally-recognised education programs that support the continuous learning and professional development needs of financial advisers.