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FPA and AFA Jointly Present a Guide to Giving Life Insurance Advice

The AFA and FPA Joint Life Insurance Taskforce has worked on a number of things over the last two years, including recently contributing to the development of a Life Risk Guide, that has been designed to assist members to give compliant advice that meets the requirements of multiple codes, including the FASEA Code of Ethics.In this webinar, you will hear from two advisers who have been members of the joint taskforce, and have been involved in the development of this guide – Mark Everingham CFP®, Managing Director, Personal Risk Professional Pty Ltd, and Katherine Hayes, Financial Advisor, Hayes & Co Insurance Pty Ltd – who will work through the advice process and the key steps to take to ensure that your advice complies with the law and the obligations of different codes.

Webinar held: 30 November 2021

Regulatory Update with Phil Anderson

As the end of the 2021 year approaches, for what has been the most challenging year of regulatory reform, Phil Anderson will provide a final regulatory update, highlighting the implications of the upcoming commencement of the Single Disciplinary Body and the key reforms that have already been implemented. In addressing the changes to commence on 1 January 2022, he will talk about the following:
• The scope and consequences of the Single Disciplinary Body
• The implications and options for tax (financial) advisers
• The FASEA exam extension until 30 September 2022

Phil will also cover the key reforms that have already occurred this year, what further reforms are left to come and importantly the hope that the Quality of Advice Review in 2022 might deliver some rationalisation and removal of red tape.

AFA Inspire Advancing within roles in financial advice webinar

The career path for someone in financial advice is not necessarily a straight line. There are many roles that people can take on or move into depending on where they are at with their career, education, licensing or life stage. Hear from Inspire WA State Chair, Cara Graham, as she interviews recruitment consultants Jodie Perram & Amy Morgan from Itch to get their secrets for success when it comes to advancing within roles in financial advice.

Webinar held: 24 Nov 2021
Webinar held: 4 November 2021

Feeling safe and supported in the workplace

To shed some light and provide valuable intel and insights on some areas where women may not feel safe and supported in the workplace including:
• Unconscious Bias – how it impacts culture in the workplace
• Whistle-blowing – how to navigate instances where sexual harassment and bullying is occurring in the workplace

Benefits and take-outs
• Highlight key statistics including the proportion of employees that have experienced harassment in the workplace
• Outline the legislative frameworks that help formulate workplace policy
• Share the industry standards in developing and implementing a gender-equitable workplace and a whistleblowing policy
• Provide guidance on how to source and formulate your own workplace policies in these areas

Becoming the Gen Z Adviser: Student Takeover Edition

The Financial Planning Industry is full of passionate individuals who believe in the positive impact of financial advice. We have an emerging cohort of financial planning students who could be full-time students, paraplanners, associates or in administrative roles. In this student takeover, we will have the facilitation carried out by current FP Students. Our panel consists of experts in placing young people in financial planning roles, a gen Z adviser and two financial planning students.

Webinar held: 28 October 2021
Webinar held: 7 October 2021

Defining, attracting and pricing your Avatar

Avatars are a description of a demographic of clients that advisers can best help in a profitable way. This session is to help advisers define who they are, price them sustainable and create ways to attract their avatars to them. Additionally, we will discuss how they can get this message out to COIs and separate sustainable advice from community work.

Supporting clients through divorce

The divorce rate was at a constant of 40% for many years. The 2019 Divorce rate had increased highly to 47% and the pandemic will continue to put pressure on relationships. The process of going through a divorce is emotionally draining for clients and as financial advisers, we can make a powerful difference to clients by being their advocates and effectively helping them through this difficult time. We will be introducing the experiences of key specialists who help clients through the process (forensic accountant, family lawyer, mortgage broker) who will discuss how financial advisers can get the best outcomes for clients going through a divorce.

Webinar held: 02 September 2021
Webinar held: 1 September 2021

Regulatory update from Phil Anderson

Hear the latest on the following recently implemented or about to be implemented regulatory changes from our own resident expert Phil Anderson.
Phil will give you his insights into
• FSC changes to medical consent
• Annual agreements
• Breach reporting

Inspire Webinar Series - Harnessing your personal power & building your professional confidence

Hear from Inspire State Chairs, Cara Williams & Cara Graham, as they interview Julissa Shrewsbury from New Work Consulting and Olivia Maragna from Aspire Retire for an insightful discussion regarding Mentoring, Self-Development and Networking. No matter what stage in your career, harnessing your personal power & building your professional confidence is critically important to your success.

Webinar held: 19 August 2021
Webinar held: 17 August 2021

COVID-19 Stimulus Packages - Delta Variant

The latest delta-strain of COVID-19 has caused many millions of Australians back into some form of lock-down, ranging from a few days through to many weeks, resulting in significant financial disruption to a large portion of the community.

‘COVID-19 Stimulus Packages – Delta Variant’ provides advisers insight and clarity for clients on the new stimulus packages, along with existing measures, available to support those in need.

CPD Category: Technical

Utilising money coaching and soft skills to uncover clients' true goals and values

Join Jacqui, Amie and Cara, three heart centred entrepreneurs in the financial planning industry for a workshop where you’ll learn how to use behavioural money coaching to get to the heart of your client’s goals.

On the back of the first AFA Genxt Podcast on “Enhancing Your Client Experience Through Behavioural Money Coaching”, we get Jacqui, Amie and Cara to workshop behavioural money coaching in more detail. You will learn how to unlock what is holding your clients back from achieving financial success, how to guide and support them in creating awareness of their money blocks, sabotaging and limiting beliefs and how to change their narrative to one that is more empowering. 

You can create the best financial plan in the world, but unless you have identified the heart of your client’s goals and they have positive and empowering thoughts, beliefs, patterns and mindset around money, it will be very challenging to see true financial success for your clients. 

Webinar held: 10 August 2021

An Adviser shares his strategy and tips for exiting his business​

A discussion about some of the key considerations of transitioning to a ‘new path’, whatever that is for you. Bill Webster, joins us to discuss the process he went through when the time came for him to make the decision to retire. Bill takes us through the process that he followed from the beginning to the end from what to do with the business itself, his clients, what he wanted to happen with them and what he wanted his exit from the business to look like. He discusses his views on the importance of planning, goal setting and being clear about what you want. He also shares how he dealt with the decision mentally, including how he delt with letting go of control, relationships and looking ahead to what he was going to do with the next third of his life once he left his business.

In this session, Bill covers:

• Mentally dealing with the decision to leave and how to not become overwhelmed

• The importance of planning and sticking to a plan

• Goal setting and being clear about what you want

• Aligning your purpose with your potential partner’s purpose. 

CPD Category: Client Care & Practice

Hall of fame with Richard Klipin - former AFA CEO

As part of the AFA’s celebration of our 75th anniversary in 2021, we are going to reflect upon our history and our achievements over the years.

In this webinar, you will hear from former AFA CEO Richard Klipin who ran the AFA between 2006 and 2013 and was pivotal in creating what the AFA is today. In an interview-style format, Richard will be asked about his early days at the AFA, the things that he has learnt about the financial advice profession, and to reflect upon some of the key activity during his time at the AFA. He will discuss the fallout from the GFC and the waves of reforms that flowed from the Ripoll Inquiry, including his work and dealings with politicians from both sides.

Richard will also share other fond and memorable moments with AFA members, partners and directors from his many years at the helm.

Richard Klipin is now the CEO of the Financial Services Council in New Zealand, however, he still keeps a close eye on what is happening in Australia.

Webinar held: 3 August 2021
Webinar held: 27 July 2021

How to comply with new ASIC Complaint requirements under RG271

Financial Advisers will soon be scrutinised by ASIC on how they identify, record and deal with complaints. The new regulatory guidance (RG 271) becomes enforceable on 5 October. It will involve a far more proactive management approach that serves to build data.

Compliance is a ‘must’ thanks to quite a few standards that come with the force of law. Whether you have one complaint a year or one thousand, ASIC will require AFSL holders to be able to quickly “resource up”.

This webinar session will show participants how to manage the new requirements in a cost-effective way. It will cover the key changes and focus on the practicalities of operationalising compliance.

We will also demonstrate a simple tech solution as an add-on capability to reinforce existing procedures and help meet the tightened standards.

CPD Category: Regulatory Compliance & Consumer Protection

Advice from the experts – FASEA Exam

The FASEA exam has been one of the biggest challenges for the financial advice profession. The AFA is committed to helping our members get through the exam. There are a lot of resources available to help advisers and there are a number of providers who are keen to help. We are bringing together leading sources of help, for those who are still working through the Exam challenge. We will reflect upon issues related to understanding core knowledge and exam technique. There are many reasons why advisers may be struggling with the exam, including a lack of exam technique and difficulties in dealing with anxiety and stress related to sitting an exam. Our panel of experts will discuss what they are doing and answer questions to help support anyone who may be struggling to pass or those who are yet to sit the exam. Financial advisers provide a critical service to their clients, and we want to assist as many as possible to continue to provide this important service.

Expert Panel: 

Amelia Constantinidis – Standards Director FASEA
Brian Knight – CEO Kaplan Professional
David Glen – National Technical Manager, TAL Risk Academy
Conrad Gilbert – The Knowledge Shop

CPD Category: Regulatory Compliance & Consumer Protection

Webinar held: 29 June 2021

Risk insurance, ethics and the reasonable care duty

There are unique challenges when advising on risk insurance as underwriting often requires highly sensitive personal information. This session looks at a series of legal cases involving TPD and Trauma life insurance claimants and discusses the implications regarding duty of disclosure/duty to take reasonable care at underwriting, fraudulent claims, and the impact of product definitions.

CPD Category: Professionalism & Ethics

The Wellbeing of Financial Advisers

Last year, financial advisers participated in the first-ever national study into their wellbeing and mental health. The study, conducted by Dr Adam Fraser and Deakin University with AIA Australia as proud sponsors, found that financial advisers are under a significant amount of pressure to be able to provide Australians with the right advice.

Dr Adam Fraser is a renowned speaker and is here to share the findings uncovered in ‘The Wellbeing of Financial Advisers in Australia Report 2021’ and learn more about the ‘Thrivers’. Thrivers are those who successfully navigate their environment, strengthening their wellbeing and mental health, providing a ‘blueprint’ to guide best practice moving forward.

CPD Category: General

Webinar held: 22 June 2021
Webinar held: 16 June 2021

SDB, Breach Reporting, Reference Checking and Code of Ethics

AFA Acting CEO Phil Anderson will outline the Governments proposal for a new Single Disciplinary Body for financial advisers and explain the likely impact on the adviser profession and the consequences for FASEA and the FASEA Standards.  Phil will also brief members on the new breach reporting and reference checking regimes that are due to commence from October 2021.  There is an important level of interdependency between the Single Disciplinary Body, Breach Reporting and reference checking that Phil will explain.  Phil will also provide an update on the status with the FASEA Code of Ethics and address some of the outstanding Code issues and the most relevant implications for financial advisers.

CPD Category: Professionalism & Ethics

Sadly, financial abuse is becoming increasingly more visible on a global scale. It can occur irrespective of socio-economic category, level of education, race, sex or ethnicity.

Every day there are people suffering from financial abuse, often with very little knowledge of where to go for much-needed support.

As advising professionals you are perfectly placed to spot and potentially eradicate these threats by simply being more aware of the signs and the support that you can provide.

As the creator of the Financial Abuse Specialist™ – Certified programme, Michelle is delighted to share with you the essential top 10 insights on how to spot the signs, and then support your clients and those you know who may have fallen victim to economic abuse/coercive control.

CPD Category: Professionalism & Ethics

Against Financial Abuse – Confidence to Cure!

Webinar held: 13 May 2021
Webinar held: 11 May 2021

CPD Category: Client Care and Practice


Is your business "cyber healthy"? - practical tips to safeguard your business

With the convenience of technology and flexible working arrangements are your business practices ensuring you are managing your digital risks appropriately? “Cyber resilience” is something that all business owners and their team need to actively contribute to – do you know the role you play? It is not as complicated as you think and there are simple tips you can implement straight away.
Join our panel to get a better understanding of the landscape plus work through practical examples and tips to protect your business.


AFA Hall of Fame with Russell Collins

Russell is a risk insurance legend, financial advice doyen, and long-standing AFA member. Our AFA community has benefited from many of Russell’s learnings over the years. In this incredibly special interview where Russell will share business lessons and practical tips and tricks. We will delve into never-before shared personal and business perspectives, Russell’s pearls of wisdom on communication skills and business acumen and the future of financial advice.

CPD Category: Client Care & Practice

Webinar held: 06 May 2021

AFA New World Pricing

This is a live discussion where we will be speaking to advisers that have been through the process of changing their pricing and servicing process to keep in line with the industry changes and the increased cost to provide comprehensive advice.

You will hear from 3 advisers how they went about their change process, what worked and what hurdles did they have to cross. How this impacted their current clients and was there any fallout. You should by the end of it have a clearer picture about how to go about changing your pricing structure and have the confidence to jump in and update your advice pricing and servicing in this new world.

Interactive Meeting held: 06 May 2021
Webinar held: 27 April 2021

CPD Category: Client Care and Practice


Lead yourself and others to optimal cognitive energy and profits

With Increasing compliance, regulation and study, means that advisers now need to be more efficient than ever before. Many people are working on how to run more efficient “business processes” which is a great start, but most don’t realise that with a basic understanding of neuroscience, and some easy to implement tools, you can increase the efficiency of your “human processes”. 

AFA has partnered with Next Evolution Performance to bring you an interactive webinar that will help you to understand cognitive energy, why it’s important for your business profitability, and a few quick tips to get you started. 

If you are keen to get more done in less time with less wasted effort, this session is for you.


Understanding your Annual Renewal Obligations

Phil Anderson will present a detailed breakdown of the changes that will be required to implement the three key components of the Financial Sector Reform (Hayne Royal Commission Response No. 2) Bill 2020, that is due to commence from 1 July 2021, including:
• Annual Renewal – Contents of the New FDS, Timeframes, Consent forms, other obligations and Transition Arrangements.
• Disclosure of lack of independence
• New rules on charging advice fees from superannuation accounts.

This Bill addresses key Royal Commission recommendations and now that it has been passed in the Parliament and is the law, it is important that we look at the requirements in detail. Phil will also discuss the guidance and templates recently issued by ASIC.

Webinar held: 20 April 2021

FASEA CPD Category: Regulatory Compliance & Consumer Protection

Webinar held: 30 March 2021

Leveraging behavioural insights to increase client engagement

Want to know how behavioural insights can be leveraged to increase your client engagement and retention?
Join us for this valuable webinar from Dr Campbell Heggen from Deakin University, who will explore how an understanding of behavioural insights can help you in your business.
There are numerous factors that influence the decisions that people make. You’ll be introduced to two key behavioural design frameworks which you can use to identify and mitigate frictions in the financial planning process. And help design your conversations and business processes for behavioural changes.

FASEA CPD Category: Client Care & Practice


FASEA Exam Tips, Tricks and Test your knowledge

FASEA CPD Category: Regulatory Compliance & Consumer Protection

Join us for study tips & tricks with Diana and Nancy from TAFE NSW. This useful webinar is designed to provide you with study preparation techniques to assist you with your time management for study planning and exam preparation techniques especially useful for those who may be returning to study.
Diana and Nancy will also provide guidance on how to prepare for the FASEA exam including useful tips to help you prepare before the exam and during the actual exam to help boost your confidence.

Webinar held: 23 March 2021
Webinar held: 16 March 2021

FASEA CPD Category: Technical


All your retirement living questions answered

Australia’s aging population means more people are over 65 that ever before. Where will they all live? Stay in their own home, downsize to something smaller or move into a retirement community.
With an increasing focus on retirement community living, we’ve gathered a group of financial, aged care and retirement community experts to answer all your questions:
– Retirement living vs aged care – what are the differences (funding, financials and customers)
– What are the costs? – ingoing, ongoing and outgoing
– Pension implications for your clients
– Overview of Retirement Village structure and regulation
– Benefits of investing in a lifestyle
– Costs and exit implications – future planning for your clients


AFA Member Update Webinar

FASEA CPD Category: Regulatory Compliance & Consumer Protection

As a valued member of the AFA we invite you to join us for an online update on:
• What’s happening at the AFA
• Key policy & regulatory changes impacting you and your business including:
o Annual renewals
o Claims handling
o Superannuation fees
o Breach reporting
o Single disciplinary body
o Access and affordability of financial advice
• Life Insurance review
• AFA member opportunities to connect and collaborate.

Webinar held: 10 March 2021
Webinar held: 17 February 2021

AFA Mentoring Program 2021

One of the advantages of being am AFA member is access to AFA’s network of advice professionals through the AFA Mentoring program. Aspirants gain the opportunity to connect with an experienced AFA adviser as their professional mentor. Mentors are AFA advisers who have experience, insight and practical knowhow that aspirants benefit from greatly. AFA mentors have often benefited from having an experienced mentor themselves, and as a way of giving back to the profession, commit their time willingly to assist the next generation of advice professionals. 


Tips and tricks for dealing with AFCA

FASEA CPD Category: Regulatory Compliance and Consumer Protection

Practical insights and information from Shail Singh who is an Australian Financial Complaints Authority Ombudsman. Shail steps through the AFCA Process, he also covers current complaint statistics up to 30 September 2020 and shares examples of typical advice disputes.

At least two case studies are showcased that relate to retail and wholesale clients and there is a discussion on the FASEA Code of Ethics, as it stands at the present time. Watch this informative webinar and take away AFCA’s top 10 tips.  

Webinar held: 10 December 2020