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Take your clients from the poor house to the penthouse

CPD category - Technical

Padua Solution’s technical team have developed a database containing the technical legislative and regulatory parameters for five hundred and seventy-five (yes 575) advice strategies. In this highly technical but interactive session, Padua Solutions Co-Founder and Co-CEO Matt Esler and Head of Technical Advice Rudy Haddad show you how to maximize the beneficial outcome of your strategy recommendations and highlight the value you create for them in the process.

Intergenerational wealth transfers - current issues for estate planning

CPD category - Technical

Did you know that intergenerational inheritances increased from $24 billion in 2002 to $52 billion in 2018, and are projected to increase nearly fourfold between 2020 and 2050? In this webinar, Colin Biggers & Paisley’s Conor Sheridan and Sue Campbell will provide an overview of increasingly common issues affecting estate planning and discuss strategies that can be implemented to protect personal, trust and business assets to ensure adequate and appropriate provision for beneficiaries.

Tech for the modern adviser: Digital innovation to remove friction & enhance your advice value

CPD category - Client Care & Practice and General

Shaping the right tech for your business is crucial for the success of the modern adviser.
We’ll uncover how to find the sweet spot in amongst digital innovation and a hybrid advice model that is helping advisers to remove friction from their advice process, and demonstrate the value of their advice through an innovative client experience.

Words of advice: Building trusted relationships- Insights from an industry super fund

CPD category - Technical

Insights from an industry super fund

In this session, Joshua van Gestel, Australian Retirement Trust’s National Education Manager, will showcase insights and learnings gleaned from a recent in-depth survey of our advised members into the foundations of trust.

You will get the chance to explore how to strengthen your client relationships through an even deeper understanding of what clients value, what they expect and what they rely upon from a financial advisers relationship.

We’ll also delve into members’ relationship with their superannuation and their financial well-being to provide insights into emerging needs and the expectations you should have from superannuation providers.

All your retirement questions answered

CPD category - Technical

Join a panel of retirement living experts as they
demystify important aspects of the industry, arming
you with invaluable sector insights that will help you
better support your clients in making the move.
– Hear about all the benefits of a retirement village lifestyle
– Lear about the financial model of retirement communities
– Understand retirement living legislation and how it differs by state
– Listen to practical case studies on costs and pension implications for your clients

Privacy and cyber breaches - managing risk and what to do in the event of a cyber breach

CPD category - Client Care & Practice

Did you know that cyber attacks cost Australians close to $29 billion each year? In this presentation Colin Biggers & Paisley’s Katherine Jones will discuss some common types of cyber and data breaches, and outline some of the considerations and actions that financial advisors can take to responsibly manage data and help mitigate the risk of a breach.

AFA and FPA merger: member information webinar

Did you know that cyber attacks cost Australians close to $29 billion each year? In this presentation Colin Biggers & Paisley’s Katherine Jones will discuss some common types of cyber and data breaches, and outline some of the considerations and actions that financial advisors can take to responsibly manage data and help mitigate the risk of a breach.

Post-Election Policy: What does it mean for HR?

CPD category- n/a

With some distance from the federal election in May 2022, Colin Biggers & Paisley has partnered with AFA to provide guidance and insight into the industrial relations reform agenda proposed by the federal government.

In this presentation, Megan Kavanagh and Cecelia Collman will discuss the federal government’s promises and their predictions for:

• Enterprise bargaining
• Wage reform, including pay equity, rate changes and the national minimum wage
• Wage theft
• Changes to how casuals are defined, fixed term contracts and labour hire reform
• Regulation of the gig economy
• Further employee protections around adverse action, discrimination and harassment at work.

If you are an employer or advise employers, this presentation outlines what you need to know to prepare for reform and to future-proof your workplace ahead of what may be the most significant change to workplace laws in more than a decade.

Income Protection "Sweet Spots" and Client strategies to consider

CPD category- Technical

Identifying what income protection product is a good fit for my client can sometimes be challenging.

In researching the current income protection product range in detail, we look to compare each insurance provider’s strengths and weaknesses and identify potential client scenarios that may be suitable for a particular product.

We will also look at several current client strategies that have changed the landscape from the traditional methods of recommending income protection to a client.

Member briefing and Q&A – AFA/FPA Merger proposal

CPD category- N/A

AFA President, Sam Perera, and AFA CEO, Phil Anderson, to discuss the proposed merger of the AFA and FPA and what it means.

How does a policyholder qualify for the iExtend offer?

CPD category- General

Presented by iExtend’s Head of Alliances, Mark Stubbings and Head of Risk Ruth Keaney, this webinar will provide an understanding of the circumstances behind life insurance policies that qualify for the iExtend offer. Using case studies, Mark and Ruth will use real-life scenarios to discuss how iExtend works in a flexible way with advisers to understand a policyholder’s health conditions, changes in circumstances and their needs as well as their families.

Client cancelling? See the iExtend solution in practice.

CPD category- General

Presented by iExtend’s Distribution and Partnership Manager QLD, Mark Stubbings and Head of Risk Ruth Keaney, this webinar provides a quick recap of the iExtend offer and will provide participants with practical examples of how the offer works with real-life client scenarios.

The National Adviser Exam demystified and deconstructed: What you need to know

CPD category- Regulatory compliance & Consumer Protection

Are you sitting the National Adviser Exam? Want to improve your likelihood of successfully passing? Then this session is for you and not to be missed!

Join us for a working discussion as Farrell Platt (former Exam Manager with FASEA) shares with us key focus areas and a simple five-step process to improve your probability of success.

How financial advisers and rehabilitation teams can work together to best support the customer

CPD category- General

In partnership with ALUCA (Australian Life and Underwriting Claims Association), this webinar aims to shine a light on how financial advisers can support their client’s rehabilitation and recovery at claim time. We will be reviewing how we define rehabilitation in life insurance, and show how rehabilitation can benefit clients. We’ll talk through common concerns and queries we hear from our financial advisers at claims time and show some real-life examples of how insurers, rehabilitation and financial advisers can work together. We’re excited also to be joined by Rob Vitnell from AFRM, representing the experience of this from the perspective of the financial adviser.

Closing the gap on life insurance affordability

CPD category- General

The life insurance industry has a challenge on its hands – how to remain affordable, relevant and valued at a time when the most cost-effective way of accessing life insurance via superannuation, may be reduced. How can the industry address the affordability issue and what’s in it for them?

The Adviser as Nostradamus

CPD category- Professionalism & Ethics

Standard 6 of the FASEA Code of Ethics requires advisers to consider the “broad effects” of their advice. Does this impose superhuman qualities on the adviser to predict a client’s future with accuracy and tailor the advice accordingly? What happens to advisers whose predictions prove to be incorrect?

This webinar outlines the course and scope this standard and dispels the hysteria surrounding dire predictions of multiple statements of advice for family members and unpleasant consequences for advisers who fail to predict future outcomes with pinpoint accuracy.

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How future ready is your financial planning practice?

CPD category- Client Care & Practice

In this COVID VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world we are operating in, the only constant is change. In order to build a successful, sustainable and valuable financial planning business that is ‘Future Ready’, we need the right mindset and a plan that enables us to conquer the chaos and take the ‘best practice’ of today and incorporate it with the ‘best thinking’ of tomorrow to succeed.

Successful financial planners do this well. They know the importance of having a plan, knowing their numbers, connecting with their peers and starting with the end in mind. In their eyes, ‘Future Ready equals Sale Ready’, regardless of when or if they want to sell their business.

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End of Financial Year strategies

CPD category- Technical

With the end of the financial year fast approaching, now is the best time to take action. Hear from Rudy Haddad Padua’s Head of Technical, as he shares expert insights into the opportunities available before financial year-end; and changes for the coming financial year.

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Men's mental health

CPD category- General

Get beneath the surface of Men’s Mental Health. This informative session is designed for everyone with a man in their life (a brother, partner, father, friend, work colleague) to participate in.

Topics covered include frank, informal and relevant discussions on:
· What do we know about men’s mental health?
· Overcoming typical barriers to support.
· Supporting your own mental health, as well as others (ie. how to care, not carry).
· When, how and where to refer people for additional support.

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Unpacking the Quality of Advice Review

CPD category- Regulatory Compliance & Consumer Protection

Phil Anderson will walk you through the Quality of Advice Terms of Reference and the key parts of the Quality of Advice Review Issues Paper. This review is our best opportunity to address the unnecessary cost and complexity in the financial advice process.

This webinar is your chance to understand what the review will look at and provide you with the opportunity to contribute to the ideas on how we can improve access and affordability of financial advice.

The Quality of Advice Review Issues Paper asks 83 questions of interested stakeholders. This webinar will focus on key questions and identify where there is real opportunity for improvement. This is your chance to actively engage in the future of your profession.

The Quality of Advice Review will run through to 16 December 2022, and AFA members will have the opportunity to contribute throughout the process. We encourage you not to miss this introduction to the Quality of Advice Review.

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Why now is the time to rethink retirement

CPD category- Technical

The demand for retirement advice has never been so strong. With a retiree population growing by the day, combined with more complex client needs and expectations, is the retirement approach of the past still best practice for the challenges ahead? We, at Challenger, believe advisers are perfectly placed to help retirees manage their retirement savings, protect against the risks of retirement and to help them spend confidently throughout a lifetime in retirement.

Join Aaron Minney, CFA, Head of Retirement Research at Challenger and Melanie Dunn, Senior Manager, Retirement Solutions, for a panel session that demonstrates there is no better time than now to rethink retirement.

During this session the team at Challenger will discuss how the legislative environment and industry trends will impact advisers, the practical challenges facing retirement planning, adviser and client demand for innovation, and the range of strategies and tools available to support you in solving for risks in retirement.

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Adviser Exam: The final piece of the puzzle

CPD category - Professionalism & Ethics

You know the content of the exam inside out. Now it’s time to know how to pass the exam, by honing your exam technique. We will cover how to think about each of the questions, how to review the key topics (ie. BID, Conflicts, Consent), and most importantly, how to approach, and succeed at each type of exam question. By focusing on honing your question technique, you will finally be able to apply your knowledge and pass this exam to get on with the job of serving your community through financial advice.

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Changing your clients’ money mindset

CPD category- N/A

This session focuses on how you can enhance the financial planning process through evolving your clients’ mindset and behaviours with money.

It’s about working with them to understand their subconscious beliefs about money and how it’s impacting their current financial reality.

We will also provide a brief overview of a training course that we are offering advisers on this subject.

AFCA update and tips on how to avoid disputes

CPD category- Regulatory Compliance & Consumer Protection

This practical adviser session will provide you with tips on how to avoid disputes at AFCA. Shail Singh, Lead Ombudsman Investments and Advice (acting), will discuss the steps for what happens if a complaint finds its way to AFCA, he will discuss the processes and provide practical information on how to deal with AFCA in the event of a dispute. He will also share some recent complaints statistics, AFCA’s response to Treasury’s independent review of AFCA and we will walk through an advice related case study.

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The A-Z of pro bono advice

CPD category- General

Pro bono advice is a great way to give back to the community through providing your services, pro bono, to individuals in need. Your time for just one pro bono case a year will make a significant difference to the financial well-being of clients who contact PFAN for assistance. This webinar will tell you all you need to know about pro bono advice – what it is, what to expect as a PFAN adviser, and a real-life detailed case study to inspire you to get involved.

Benefits and key takeouts – Learn about the benefits of providing pro bono advice and how it can be valuable for you and your business – Know more about the Pro Bono Financial Advice Network – Get a detailed understanding of the pro bono advice process: what’s expected of you and the client – Be inspired through a real-life PFAN client case study – Get answers to your questions on all things pro bono advice.

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Member briefing on proposed changes to Education Standard

CPD category- Regulatory Compliance & Consumer Protection

After careful deliberation, and feedback from over 530 members through a survey, on 1 February 2022, the AFA made a submission to Treasury on the proposed changes to the Financial Adviser Education Standard.

We welcomed the Government’s commitment to reconsider the financial adviser education standard and to provide improved recognition for prior learning and experience. However, we sought to provide an alternative to ensure, not only recognition of prior learning and experience, but also the retention of a requirement for a tertiary qualification. There have been many other voices responding to this proposal. There is a lot of noise.

This is a critical policy issue for the financial advice profession. It is important that members understand what has happened and what the status is.

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