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The AFA Foundation encourages giving back to local communities.

We do this by working with our charity partners to make a meaningful difference to people in need.

This creates opportunities to foster community spirit and respect, by being connected and engaged with the financial advice profession.



Does your workplace offer matching donations for your personal charity donations?

The AFA Foundation has recently registered for the Good2Give workplace giving platform, which means every dollar you donate to your chosen charity can generate a matching dollar donation from your employer.

If you donate to the AFA Foundation as your chosen charity partner, and your employer is registered, you’ve effectively given double the amount to the AFA Foundation!

Companies like Westpac/BT support their people by giving matching donations in this way.

To find out more, please click here 


AFA Foundation Chair

Olivia Sarah-Le Lacheur

Phone: 0417 209 310     Email:



AFA Foundation Committee

Robyn Faber 

SA Foundation Chair
0418 861 274

Emily Cossignan

VIC Foundation Chair

0434 312 510


Colette Thunig

TAS Foundation Chair  
0411 165 463


Jasmin Loke

NSW Foundation Chair    
0481 452 831

Paula Zoch

QLD Foundation Chair
0418 757 573


Steve Salvia 

WA Foundation Chair
0418 919 775




Make a Donation 

For more information or to donate please contact the AFA head office on 1800 656 009.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

AFA Foundation News


At the AFA National Roadshow 2019 we raised $21,208: read here and further below about the charities we supported and how these funds have helped.


At the AFA National Connect Tour 2019 we raised $22,573 for the following charities:

Lifeline WA, Melanoma TAS, MND Australia, OrangeSky Laundry, Steve Waugh Foundation.


AFA Kokoda Trail 2018 

A huge congratulations to our intrepid AFA trekkers, who have returned home after completing the gruelling 96km journey of a lifetime and raising over $114,000! A big thank you to all members for their valuable support to a very worthy cause. Proceeds raised will go to support Legacy, The Black Dog Institute, MS Research and Make-A-Wish Foundation. Donations are still open if you would like to support our trekkers!

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Kokoda Trail - 24 August to 2 September 2018 in aid of supporting the AFA Foundation

Members and friends of the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) are taking on the 96km Kokoda Trail from 24 August to 2 September 2018 in aid of supporting the AFA Foundation which gives generously to a number of charities including:

They will be led by Brian Freeman, the Australian Geographic Spirit of Adventure Winner 2016 and 59-time veteran of the Kokoda Trail, including the world record for the fastest ever crossing of the original route. On the page of each trekker, you will find the charity that they are specifically supporting through their own fundraising efforts on behalf of the AFA Foundation.


Kokoda 2017 

You can watch how our team got on during the 2017 Kokoda Trail below:

Raised over $40,000 for the AFA Foundation

As part of the AFA Foundation’s 10th anniversary celebrations, we partnered with Norgay Freeman to offer a Kokoda Trail program from the 30 August to 8 September 2017.

A superb trek into the heartland of Papua New Guinea, the Kokoda Trail is an Australian icon stretching some 96 kilometers through what is arguably some of the most rugged and wild jungle in the world.


Read more about the achievements and history of the AFA Foundation in this article written by Danny Maher published in the June Edition of The Financial Adviser Magazine - 2017.

The AFA Association of Financial Advisers has made a donation of $24,000 in support of Legacy Australia. To donate please click here.


At the AFA 2017 Practitioner Roadshow we raised about $33,700: read more here about the charities we supported.



At the AFA 2017 Inspire Roadshow we raised about $8780 for the Cancer Council: read the handwritten thank you note here.

Charity Partners & Support

AFA National Roadshow 2019


Hobart Women’s shelter provides safe emergency accommodation to women and their children who are affected by family violence and homelessness. The shelter is committed to innovation and best practice as they provide support, housing and advocacy.

We raised $940 to help the staff and volunteers in the important work they do for local Tassie families. You can find out more at  

South Australia

Imagine the stress and anxiety a child endures when they are taken from their home or have to leave at short notice, leaving their possessions behind and only taking anxiety and uncertainty with them. As they transition into accommodation and support, they are provided with a backpack that contains age appropriate clothes, books, games and toiletries. For some, it is the first time they have ever been given a gift of personal items just for themselves.

We raised $4,435 for Backpacks for Kids SA, funding the production and delivery of 88 backpacks for kids. You can find out more at

Western Australia

St Vincent de Paul helps the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people through their homelessness services, particularly people aged 12-25. Across Australia, over 9,000 people experience homelessness and 14% of these are under 12 years of age. In Western Australia, St Vincent de Paul helps over 40,000 people a year (that’s enough to fill Subiaco Oval!!), taking 200 calls for help a day at their Caning Vale contact centre. 1,200 generous volunteers help Vinnies help our most vulnerable Western Australians.

We raised $3,975 for Vinnies to provide 7 people with 1 week’s accommodation, giving them safe shelter and the opportunity for restful sleep, clothes washing and good nutrition at regular mealtimes. You can find out more at


St Kilda Mums operates all over Victoria, taking donations of good quality cots, prams, car seats, clothes and other items our kids need to be safe and healthy. They do this because 1 in 6 Victorian children is born into poverty. They clean each item and ensure that they work at high safety standard prescribed by the government, then work with agencies and organisation across the state to provide a ‘starter pack’ to families in need.

We raised $2,440 for the St Kilda Mums charity, which is enough money to give 12 families a starter kit of a cot, pram, car seat and clothes. You can find out more at

Australian Capital Territory

Bad things happen when good people do nothing. Barnardos does something important to help children live a life free of violence and abuse. Barnardos Australia believes all children and young people deserve caring families in which they can grow safely and fulfil their potential. They work together with children, young people and families to break the cycle of disadvantage, creating safe, nurturing and stable homes, connected to family and community.

We raised $780 to support one child with a monthly therapy session (to help them start the important journey of healing to overcome their traumatic start in life), vital health care services (such as dental care, eye specialists and physical therapy) for a child whose health has deteriorated due to neglect. You can find out more at

New South Wales

Life Changing Experiences Foundation runs a mentoring program (Sister 2 Sister) for vulnerable or disadvantaged teenage girls from age 12 onwards. This evidence-based and trauma-informed youth development program provides structured mentoring, psychoeducational workshops, welfare support and crisis intervention services. Sister2 Sister empowers the girls to make positive choices for a better future and equips them with crucial survival and life skills, enabling them to break the cycle of abuse and neglect. The young women who participate in the program are inspiring to talk to and their future is so much brighter for having been in the program!

We raised $3,090 which will go towards the $5,000 cost of supporting one young woman to participate in the Sister 2 Sister program for a year. You can find out more at


Imagine that tonight you are homeless. You are one of 116,000 Australians who don’t have a permanent place to sleep. You have a bag of belongings and a small amount of cash. You haven’t had a shower or washed your clothes for a week and people ignore you because you smell. You feel like no one cares and you’re scared because you don’t know when you will next find a safe place to sleep.

And then you find out about OrangeSky. They offer homeless friends a free shower, and free clothes washing/drying service as well as a place to sit and talk for a few hours while the washing is done. Their service makes you feel human again and you know someone cares for you.

Thanks to our generous Queensland AFA community, 231 homeless friends will be treated to clean clothes and a shower. We raised $5,548 to support homeless people across Queensland! You can find out more at

The AFA Foundation has received over $1.9m of donations from the generous AFA community over more than a decade. We are very proud of the AFA community and how much we have been able to do in local communities with our charity partners across Australia. Thank you for your support!


See how the AFA Foundation has helped charities in the past

Still I Rise Foundation


Listed is a handful of the charities the AFA Foundation has helped...












ronald mcdonald

Ovarian cancer research foundation

save the children

make a wish

black dog institute

women's housing

prostate cancer foundation of aust logo



How can you help?

Get involved with the AFA Foundation by contacting

Members are invited to give input into the charity partner selection. 


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