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The future of advice

Driven by the enthusiasm of advisers who are new to the profession and eager for networking and development opportunities. It is the future of financial advice and the pathway to excellence for advisers new to the profession.

A 'Genxter' is an aspiring adviser or business owner who is looking to evolve, innovate and grow their career, business, skills, approach, engagement, and clients through new ideas within an aspirational and dynamic community.

The mandate for Genxt, like all AFA Communities of Practice, is to connect knowledge with performance.  What is unique to Genxt however, is its focus on creating a powerful peer group to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, skills, experience and networks from experienced advisers to those building their career. The Genxt Community of Practice brings together professionals who share a passion for advice and the challenges associated with their career stage. Through the process of sharing information and experience, members learn and develop both personally and professionally and many respected industry professionals will tell you that they started out as members of Genxt.

It's a fun and nurturing community, supported by a framework that encourages members to step-up to be the future leaders of their profession and a voice amongst peers. The group encourages new advisers to actively participate in their profession and deeply understand the issues, opportunities and challenges ahead.

We invite you to accelerate your career join the largest, most professional adviser development program in the country. 

Who can join?

Genxt membership is open to AFA members who are new to financial services and the advice profession. This doesn’t mean you have to be young, people who have changed career are very welcome. New Adviser Members are encouraged to participate.

AFA Membership

This program is a benefit for AFA Members. It is an important professional development initiative designed to support practicing financial advisers with three or less years of experience as well as other professionals working in financial services. We invite you to join and become a part of our community.

To find out more
Email: or call 1800 656 009 and speak to Conor Wymer.


AFA Genxt Chair

Charles Green 

National Genxt Chair


AFA Genxt Committee

Alastair Hodge 

TAS Genxt Chair

Mia Taylor 

NSW Genxt Chair

Sean Nigh 

QLD Genxt Chair



Michael Ward

WA Genxt Chair



James Farrelly

SA Genxt Chair


Sam Jewell

VIC Genxt Chair



























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