AFA Life Insurance Quality Advice Member Committee

The AFA Board has recently resurrected an AFA Members-only policy development committee - the AFA Life Insurance Quality Advice Member Committee.  

The primary role of the Committee will be to assist the AFA Policy & Professionalism Team and the AFA Board to develop policy positions on quality life insurance advice and other matters relating to life insurance.  The Committee will make every reasonable effort to provide that input in a timely and efficient manner in order to assist the AFA Policy & Professionalism Team to meet submission deadlines and any other timeframes set by Government Ministers, Government Departments, Regulators and other consulting bodies.

This Committee will fulfil its primary responsibility through the following functions:

  1. research, consider and discuss as a committee the policy positions that are relevant to financial advisers and their clients in relation to life insurance and life insurance advice,
  2. engage with the wider AFA Membership on life insurance and life insurance advice policy matters,
  3. advise and provide other input to the AFA Policy & Professionalism Team on life insurance and life insurance advice policy matters,
  4. make recommendations to the AFA Board about any relevant matters, including measures that the AFA Board, Executive and Management could implement to better engage with AFA Members on life insurance policy and advocacy matters.

The inaugural members of this Committee are:

  • Glen James (Chair) - AFA NSW/ACT State Director and Fortify Financial
  • Michael Nowak - AFA Vice President and Nowak FS
  • Jeff Thurecht - Evalesco
  • David Spiteri - Centrepoint Alliance
  • Tim Ross - Henderson Ross
  • Ian McDermott - imac Legal & Compliance
  • Michael d'Apice - Millennium 3
  • Brett Schatto - Pride Advice
  • Stephen Knight - Knight Management Services

  • Eric Koelmeyer - CK Partners Financial Services

This Committee will complement the work of the AFA's other policy development and advocacy working groups:

If you want to contribute to policy development with respect to life insurance advice issues, we want to hear from you.

According to the AFA By-Laws, the categories of AFA Members who can serve on this Committee are:

  • Practitioner Members,
  • Affiliate Members,
  • Associate Members,
  • New Adviser Members,
  • Ambassador Members,
  • Corporate Members,
  • Life Members, and
  • Student Members.

We are looking for constructive contributors on policy matters who can bring meaningful experience and expertise on life inurance advice and other life insurance matters to add to our considerable knowledge base and research skills.  We are particularly looking for AFA Members who have any of the following experiences or recognitions:

  • been recognised for exceptional quality of life insurance advice,
  • specialised in life insurance advice for many years, 
  • a broad range of experience with the different channels - advised, direct, group,
  • experience or ideas about delivering technological solutions to financial advice issues or experience in a fintech company and can see beyond the financial services horizon,
  • experience in a compliance or risk management role, financial services software provider, information/communication technology (ICT) experience,
  • experience within the framework or systems of a life insurance or general insurance company, or
  • experience in advising government or other organisations on risk management, governance or policy matters.

If you feel that you any of the above experiences or recognitions and you also have:

  • a demonstrated commitment to AFA values through recent active involvement in one of the AFA Communities of Practice,
  • an ability to work with a diverse group of people, and
  • a commitment to the requirements of working on a Committee,

If you would like to nominate to be a member of the AFA Life Insurance Quality Advice Member Committee, please let us know in 400 words or less, why you would like to be considered for the Committee.  You will be asked to provide your contact details in case we wish to clarify any aspect of your nomination. 

Click here to express your interest

Expressions of interest will remain open until the AFA Board has nominated 10 AFA Members for this Committee.

The AFA Board will consider all expressions of interest on their merits and will notify each person whether they have been nominated to the Committee.


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