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Association of Financial Advisers membership

AFA membership is the mark of professionalism

Joining the AFA means joining a vibrant and forward looking professional community. Membership brings opportunities for professional growth and development and gives comfort to clients knowing that as an AFA member, you are guided by the best practice principles of Australia's oldest and most active association of practising financial advisers. We passionately believe in the value of financial advice to transform people's lives and have been the authentic voice on the value of advice since our beginning in 1946.

Our members are:

  • Accountable to the AFA Code of Conduct: Principles of Practice
  • Hold professional qualifications
  • Committed to continuous learning and development
  • Dedicated to the financial wellbeing of their clients above all else
  • Balance expert knowledge with professional application and care

Our purpose is to support financial advisers in delivering great advice to more Australians. Our commitment is to lead, support and inspire members and partners to reach their potential so that more Australians benefit from quality advice. 

If you would like to learn more about the AFA, our Member benefits and how we can support you on your professional journey please call our toll free Member number - 1800 656 009.


To find your ASIC number please click on this link

Our Communities of Practice

AFA Communities of Practice are groups of like-minded professionals who share a passion for financial advice. We believe that everyone who works in financial advice benefits from being actively involved in their professional community.

The AFA Communities of Practice offer high-value shared learning opportunities. We believe that peer-to-peer learning offer a complementary alternative to traditional compliance-orientated professional development. With this in mind, AFA Communities of Practice make a valuable contribution to the lifelong learning needs of financial advice professionals. Communities of Practice focus on sharing knowledge, skills, experience and expertise that far exceed the formal learning requirements of a financial adviser.

We have 6 Communities of Practice at the AFA. Foundation, Genxt, Inspire, Leaders Forum, Practitioner and Pulse. Please indicate your interest below.

See a brief overview of each here:


Please provide the names of two AFA Members who can act as referees for your membership application. Alternatively please provide the name, contact number and email address of two people who know you in a professional capacity e.g. clients, PDMs or BDMs, licensee management, compliance etc. Please ensure that you inform your referees that the AFA will be contacting them for a character reference.
NB. If you are Student applying for membership - you do not have to supply referees for your Membership Application.

Please provide a current contact number and advise your referee that they will be contacted by the AFA. The reference check will take only a few minutes.

Privacy Policy

We may need to contact third parties as part of your approval process. Further information around the AFA Privacy Policy can be found here:

Code of Conduct

The AFA Code of Conduct includes the Six Principles of Professionalism that have been set out in this document. These principles have been approved by the AFA Board.

The 6 Principles of Professionalism set out the minimum professional practice and ethical standards for members of the AFA when providing financial services.

The central objectives of the Code are the achievement of good consumer outcomes and fostering and enhancing the professional reputation of financial advisers.

The Code has six principles:
1. Integrity and professional conduct
2. Best interests
3. Conflicts of interest
4. Informed client consent
5. Service standards
6. Professional expertise

AFA members must abide by the Six Principles, the broader Code of Conduct and the AFA Constitution and By-Laws in addition to their obligations under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and all other laws and regulations that apply to financial advice businesses.

To access a downloadable AFA Code of Conduct see:

I hereby apply for Membership of The Association of Financial Advisers Ltd. I have read the requirements for such membership and fully appreciate the responsibility which this implies. I also recognise that my actions and words will either bring credit or discredit to the Financial Services Industry.
I do hereby solemnly undertake to observe the Code of Conduct, and I hereby agree that the Certificate issued to me shall remain the property of the AFA, which may at any time call for and require their production and delivery. I also agree that upon ceasing to be a member of the AFA, I shall return forthwith such Certificate of membership to the AFA. If admitted, I agree to abide by the Constitution and By Laws now in force or as from time to time amended, and I affirm that the answers given to the questions on this form of application are true to the best of my knowledge.

I agree that I shall:
Act with the utmost integrity which encompasses the highest standards of professional conduct, honesty, and ethics.
Act in the best interests of my clients in seeking to extend and secure their financial wellbeing.
Do not allow conflicts of interest to influence my actions inappropriately. Always place the client’s interests before my interests.
Educate my clients in financial matters and help them to understand the decisions that they are making.
Provide professional service that is aligned to my clients’ circumstances and my agreements with them.
Strive to achieve high standards of professional expertise by maintaining and improving my knowledge and skills, and those of my staff.

Payment Details

Please provide your card details to process the payment for your AFA Membership. If you would prefer to receive an invoice for this payment please put n/a in the credit card field below (only available for annual payments).

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