AFA Mentoring

Connecting Experience and the Future

One of the many advantages of becoming an AFA member is access to the AFA network of professionals. The AFA mentoring program provides aspirants who are generally new advisers, with the opportunity to connect with an experienced AFA adviser as their professional mentor.

Mentors are fellow AFA members who have experience, insight and practical know-how that aspirants benefit from greatly. AFA mentors have often benefited from having an experienced mentor themselves and as a way of giving back to the profession, commit their time willingly to assist aspirants.


Who benefits from AFA mentoring?

We see this program as a significant advantage to new advisers. To receive another perspective or approach can broaden the experience base of new professionals and contribute to their development. 


How does the AFA Mentoring Program work?

Generally mentors and aspirants establish a way of working together that suits both parties. They decide how often they meet and how they communicate at their initial meeting and make arrangements from there.

Where possible, an aspirant will be assigned a mentor within a reasonable geographic location.  An email of introduction will be provided by the AFA, on behalf of both the aspirant and the mentor. The aspirant will then be responsible for making contact with their mentor to arrange a first meeting.


How do I apply?

We are excited to announce that the new, improved program will commence in the week of 11 March . 

The new program:

  • Will run until the mid October.
  • Matches like minded mentors and Aspirants with great support from local AFA Committees and online resources
  • Connects knowledge with performance

To apply for this year's program please click on the option below that you wish take part as.

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