AFA Paraplanner Membership Upgrade

AFA Paraplanner Membership Upgrade Offer

The AFA has created a new Paraplanner membership category. This is an important professional development initiative designed to support all paraplanners, from those starting their journey to experienced career paraplanners. In addition to the AFA member benefits, AFA Paraplanner membership will provide you with access to paraplanner specific newsletters, events and resources.

We invite existing AFA Support members to upgrade to Paraplanner membership at a special annual subscription upgrade price of $200.00. The active portion of your current membership can be deducted from the Paraplanner annual subscription upgrade amount or it can be refunded to you.

(Appears on Top RIght Corner of your membership certificate)

AFA Paraplanner Member

Paraplanner - A financial services professional who provides paraplanning support to financial advisers (non-voting membership)

I hereby apply for Membership of The Association of Financial Advisers Ltd. I have read the requirements for such membership and fully appreciate the responsibility which this implies. I also recognise that my actions and words will either bring credit or discredit to the Financial Services Industry.
I do hereby solemnly undertake to observe the Code of Conduct, and I hereby agree that the Certificate issued to me shall remain the property of the AFA, which may at any time call for and require their production and delivery. I also agree that upon ceasing to be a member of the AFA, I shall return forthwith such Certificate of membership to the AFA. If admitted, I agree to abide by the Constitution and By Laws now in force or as from time to time amended, and I affirm that the answers given to the questions on this form of application are true to the best of my knowledge.

I agree that I shall:
Act with the utmost integrity which encompasses the highest standards of professional conduct, honesty, and ethics.
Act in the best interests of my clients in seeking to extend and secure their financial wellbeing.
Do not allow conflicts of interest to influence my actions inappropriately. Always place the client’s interests before my interests.
Educate my clients in financial matters and help them to understand the decisions that they are making.
Provide professional service that is aligned to my clients’ circumstances and my agreements with them.
Strive to achieve high standards of professional expertise by maintaining and improving my knowledge and skills, and those of my staff.

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