AFA Webinars

AFA Policy & Regulatory Update Webinar - 1 May 2019


In this webinar AFA General Manager of Policy and Professionalism, Phil Anderson discusses:

  • Key Royal Commission recommendations - annual renewal and payment, grandfathered remuneration, life risk insurance commissions, disclosure of lack of independence and code monitoring
  • Protecting Your Super Package and changes to insurance
  • The election and political implications

AFA Members can receive 1.5 CPD hours by answering a few short questions after viewing the webinar. To access the CPD questions click here.

Please note: CPD hours for this webinar are only available to AFA Members.


Understanding FDS & Opt-in Obligations - 7 November 2018

On 12 October 2018, ASIC announced plans to undertake a review of compliance with the Fee Disclosure Statement (FDS) and Opt-in Requirements. It is critically important that advisers understand their FDS and Opt-in obligations and what to do when a problem emerges. To assist members to understand their obligations, the AFA put together this webinar.


AFA Care Webinar

AFA Care is a confidential coaching and wellbeing service for our members, their staff and their families. 

The AFA has partnered with Benestar who were previously known as Davidson Trahaire Corpsych (DTC), one of Australia's largest providers of employment assistance programs (EAP) now known as Best By You Program

The Benestar team are qualified, experienced professionals who have extensive training, experience in coaching and workplace consulting. Having delivered services in so many ways over the last 30 years as Davidson Trahaire Corpsych, the launch of Benestar as the new brand offers an opportunity to embrace the changing landscape of language and approach to reflect a proactive wellbeing style. 

Benestar provides a range of services including:

  • Any personal or work-related issues.
  • Assisting you to enhance your individual health and well-being.
  • Short-term, solution focused counselling  and coaching.
  • Independent and non-aligned  support.
  • Confidential & non-judgmental environment to consider issues.

This member benefit is accessible 24/7 and open to all AFA members, employees and families at no extra cost.


2018 Regulatory Wrap – FASEA and Royal Commission Webinar (held 18 December 2018 prior to the release of the Royal Commission's Final Report)

Held on 18 December 2018, Phil Anderson, the AFA General Manager of Policy and Professionalism provided an end of year briefing on the current consultation program being run by FASEA, including an understanding of what FASEA have proposed, the AFA response and the next steps. Phil also addressed the education standard, the exam proposal and CPD.


Pro Bono Financial Advice Network Webinar with MS Qld

Introducing the Pro Bono Financial Advice Network as a new MS Connect Service.

The Pro Bono Financial Advice Network is an industry-wide collaboration across the financial services industry that connects financial advisers who are willing to give pro bono (free) financial advice with the clients of MS.

Join Nick Hakes, Chairman of Pro Bono Financial Advice Network, and Tim Ross, Senior Partner of Henderson Ross as they discuss how you can access this new service




Renovation Before Innovation - AFA Mentors & Aspirants Webinar

Pragmatic Business Growth In A Tech Obsessed World

The underlying theme of this session is to develop our practices in a way that ensures we can remain relevant while also forging our own path forward.

Peita starts with identifying the foundations that every practice needs before starting any renovation project, and then dives deeper into one particular area - systems and processes - and break the jargon barrier to understanding all the technology opportunities open to us by sharing the applied innovator mindset - the concept of balancing new technology with the needs of your staff, your clients, and the regulator.

To ensure you can get started as soon as you get back to the office, Peita then outlines a workshopping technique you can run to discover your first project, and leaves

you with her own ninja tricks to finding the perfect app or widget to fill the business’ need. All of the techniques and ideas shared are designed to make renovation, and innovation, a part of your team’s day to day, rather than something that brings business to a complete halt.

AFA Mentoring Webinar 2018

Inspiring The Next Generation of Advice

Knowledge that we have, but don’t share, is a bit like a library, with the doors locked.

The real power in knowledge, is sharing it with others.

Helping others grow & develop, is as old, as humanity itself.

Mentorship, is a wonderful thing, that we all need to offer to others!

Take time to mentor someone who needs it!

ATO Webinar - Risks of Aggressive Tax Planning

In this webinar the AFA is joined by ATO Assistant Commissioner Patricia Sampathy who presents an overview of the tax avoidance schemes that are currently of the most concern to the ATO. This webinar will enable you to be aware of the schemes currently being promoted so you can inform your clients. The webinar will give tips on what to look out for and how to avoid your clients being caught up in them.