Board Eligibility

The AFA’s heritage has, since its beginning in 1946, fostered the active involvement of its members and we believe this ethos makes it the vibrant professional association it is today

The AFA is a professional body with a strong connection to its members. It is recognised for the value it places on the engagement and collaboration of its community and their shared passion for the financial advice profession.

These values are the core of the association and drive its structure. As a practitioner-led professional association, the AFA is comprised of a National Representative body - the AFA Board of Directors that is made up of elected State Directors who must be practising advisers. The Board is elected by adviser members for a two-year term prior to the AFA Annual General Meeting held at the National Adviser Conference.

The board comprises one representative from each region of Australia:

  • Tasmania,
  • New South Wales/ACT,
  • Victoria,
  • Queensland,
  • South Australia/Northern Territory and
  • Western Australia

as well as up to four non-practitioner members who may be appointed by the Board without voting rights.

The National President, National Vice-President and National Treasurer are executive members of the Board, elected through a general ballot of all regions.

This gives practitioner members who are actively involved in their regional association the opportunity to contribute at the highest level, as elected members of the AFA Board of Directors. Our bottom up structure also ensures that the voice of advisers in each of the regions are represented and that important grassroots issues are elevated for national consideration and action. We believe this genuine awareness of adviser's critical issues and opportunities and how they interact with national policy agendas is what sets us apart - ensuring we remain connected, relevant and most importantly, representative of our members.


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