Communities of Practice

AFA Communities of Practice are groups of like-minded professionals who share the AFA's values of passion for financial advice and helping Australians achieve their potential

The AFA Communities of Practice offer high-value shared learning opportunities. We believe that peer-to-peer learning offers a complementary alternative to traditional compliance-orientated professional development. With this in mind, AFA Communities of Practice make a valuable contribution to the lifelong learning needs of financial advice professionals. Communities of Practice focus on sharing knowledge, skills, experience and expertise that far exceed the formal learning requirements of a financial adviser. 

We believe that everyone who works in financial advice benefits from being actively involved in their professional community.

Advisers have always been a valuable source of knowledge. Practitioners constantly solve problems, refine their skills, and learn from their mistakes. They receive feedback directly from client conversations and have a unique and informed perspective on the financial advice profession. This knowledge and ongoing learning is captured and refined in the AFA’s professional development curriculum.

If a new solution, idea, or advice opportunity is discussed in a community, practitioners can apply it directly to their business, and those who develop new solutions can share their insights. This two-way process of engaging practitioners and cultivating knowledge is a valued component of the AFA’s professional development curriculum, applying hands-on learnings and insights to strategic directions that are shared with licensees, members and government stakeholders. 

Communities of Practice


PractitionerA forum for financial advice practitioners to network, share experiences and discuss industry issues and opportunities. Read More

GenxtA Genxter is an aspiring adviser or business owner who is looking to evolve and innovate. They are looking to grow their career, business skills, approach, engagement and clients through new ideas within an aspirational and dynamic community. Read More


Inspire gives women seeking and providing financial advice a safe and nurturing environment in which to connect, collaborate and grow with other professionals. Read More

Leaders Forum A community of executives from financial services and advice businesses who value the support and perspectives of peers as they face into change. Read More



A community designed to connect and support paraplanners and help them grow at all stages of their career. Read More

FoundationThe AFA Foundation encourages giving back to local communities. We do this by working with our charity partners to make a meaningful difference to people in need. Read More