COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources for Members

Useful information and resources to manage the business impacts of COVID-19 and support health and wellbeing.

As a community, country and global society we are all facing unprecedented challenges in the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. It is impacting ourselves as individuals, as business owners and employees.  It is also having a huge impact on financial advice clients, and they need your help. We are closely monitoring developments and the impact on our AFA community and we are here to support our members during this challenging time.

To assist you, we have collated some useful resources both to manage the health and wellbeing of yourselves and your employees.  Importantly this information will assist you in providing support and guidance to your clients, including access to the latest information to understand and manage business impacts, such as the Government economic stimulus packages. For any questions, feedback or suggestions please get in touch at 

Information and resources to help support your business

Federal and State Governments

Industry regulators

AFA Webinars

Check our range of webinars which cover a wide range of topics including the Government’s COVID-19 stimulus packages unpacked, Economic and market consequences of COVID-19 and Sound investing in volatile times.  

Resources to support you and your team's health and wellbeing

Government media releases and announcements

Economic Stimulus Packages

Economic Stimulus Package 1

Prime Minister 


Economic Stimulus Package 2

Prime Minister 


Economic Stimulus Package 3

Prime Minister



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