Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP)

The Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP) - The practical designation for the modern adviser

The Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP) is the AFA's professional designation and is designed for both salaried and self-employed advisers who are seeking to enhance their professional reputation and business performance. The Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP) designation provides a comprehensive and innovative learning framework for helping you achieve your career aspirations. The designation balances postgraduate academic rigour with high-value applied practice development. 

Practical knowledge areas and business projects of the Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner will challenge and redefine how you think about higher education for financial advisers. A successful adviser combines technical expertise, excellent communication skills and business acumen.


Curriculum Overview

AFA 1 - Business Strategy for Financial Advisers

Craft your strategy for a profitable & sustainable advice business. Many salaried and self-employed financial advisers have a business plan but few review, update and implement it. Does your strategy react to change and prepare you for the future?
Learning Outcome:Diagnose the health of your business and apply a strategic planning framework to achieve your career aspirations.
Business Project:Strategic Plan

AFA 2 - Client Experience Strategy

Craft a truly exceptional, targeted client experience using consumer research. Design your client advice experience to meet the changing needs of Australians. Drawing on research, focus on areas clients valued most. Build exceptional adviser performance in communication and emotional intelligence.
Learning Outcome:Create a client engagement strategy to maintain & attract more ideal clients
Business Project:Client Experience Strategy

AFA 3 - Advanced Advice Solutions

Enhance your technical expertise and capability through the development of a complex advice strategy paper. Take a strategic approach your clients' challenges and improve the financial wellbeing of your ideal client segment.
Learning Outcome:Align your advice solutions to the outcomes your clients.
Business Project:Complex advice strategy paper

AFA 4 - Professional Conduct & Governance for Financial Advisers

Professional advice businesses have at their core great culture, behaviours and professional standards. Implement risk management strategies to build a culture that positively influences organisational behaviours and aligns business growth with professional best practice.
Learning Outcome:Develop a corporate governance plan that positively impacts behaviours and promotes consumer confidence.
Business Project:Governance Plan




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