Foundation News


National connect tour

At the AFA National Connect Tour 2019 we raised $22,573 for the following charities:

Lifeline WA, Melanoma TAS, MND Australia, OrangeSky Laundry, Steve Waugh Foundation.

National roadshow 2019

At the AFA National Roadshow 2019 we raised $21,208. 


Kodak trail 2018

A huge congratulations to our intrepid AFA trekkers, who have returned home after completing the gruelling 96km journey of a lifetime and raising over $114,000! A big thank you to all members for their valuable support to a very worthy cause. Proceeds raised will go to support Legacy, The Black Dog Institute, MS Research and Make-A-Wish Foundation. Donations are still open if you would like to support our trekkers!


AFA Foundation

Read more about the achievements and history of the AFA Foundation in an article written by Danny Maher published in the June Edition of The Financial Adviser Magazine – 2017.


To read this article, please contact us. 

Legacy Australia

The AFA Association of Financial Advisers has made a donation of $24,000 in support of Legacy Australia

2017 Inspire Roadshow

At the AFA 2017 Practitioner Roadshow we raised about $33,700: read more here about the charities we supported.

2017 Practitioner Roadshow

At the AFA 2017 Inspire Roadshow we raised about $8,780 for the Cancer Council: read the handwritten thank you note here.

Kodak trail 2017

Raised over $40,000 for the AFA Foundation

As part of the AFA Foundation’s 10th-anniversary celebrations, we partnered with Norgay Freeman to offer a Kokoda Trail program from the 30 August to 8 September 2017.

A superb trek into the heartland of Papua New Guinea, the Kokoda Trail is an Australian icon stretching some 96 kilometers through what is arguably some of the most rugged and wild jungle in the world.