Give back to your community by joining the Pro Bono Financial Advice Network!

Give back to your community by joining the Pro Bono Financial Advice Network!


Giving back to the community is a signpost for professionalism, offering your time and expertise will have a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Joining the Pro Bono Financial Advice Network demonstrates the financial advice profession contributes to the greater good of society in a meaningful and valued way.


The Pro Bono Financial Advice Network (PFAN), was formed in August 2013 by a group of concerned industry participants consisting of Practitioners, Licensees, Product Manufacturers and Professional Bodies.

The AFA, as the custodian of the Pro Bono Financial Advice Network, has successfully piloted PFAN in collaboration with MS Queensland. We are delighted to announce an expansion of the Pro Bono Financial Advice network to MS Australia wide, Wayside Chapel and National Disability Services.

The aim is to provide pro bono financial advice to people in financial need/hardship where they do not have access to quality professional financial advice services due to the costs, at a time when they need it most.  


The very nature of pro bono advice is to provide a hand to those who can gain benefit from your expertise. We know from our experience during the pilot program this has been the most valued part of the service, having another person on your team can be a pivotal point for some of these families.


The role of the Financial Adviser is to translate the language and technical information of financial advice and tailor it to their circumstances. The value of this cannot be underestimated. More importantly though, as an adviser, you have the ability to give a person the peace of mind in knowing there is a helping hand with regards to their finances during a difficult time and they are not alone.


To understand clients’ expectation of the service that will be offered, please read the Q&A document for more information. AFA will be coordinating an induction and providing resources about the NDIS and MS to support you in these fields

We are seeking committed AFA Members to contribute their expertise and participate in the Pro Bono Financial Advice Network. Please convey your interest via email to You will be contacted by the network to provide further details regarding your availability and expertise.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Warm Regards,

Lydia Buckingham
Secretariat, Pro Bono Financial Advice Network