Leaders forum

Facilitates great thinking, leadership and collaboration

A member of the Leaders Forum Community of Practice drives the communities expectations internally and externally of advice and the advice profession.

AFA leaders should demonstrate the standards we expect from advice and AFA advisers, extended not just to education, but to broader interpersonal and business skills. We should be at the vanguard of thought leadership for the ethics, values, philosophy and direction of our profession, leveraging the resources that already exist in the AFA community.

Leaders Forum facilitates great thinking, leadership and collaboration within the AFA and broader financial services community. It is a community of advice business owners, licensees and financial services executives who draw strength, inspiration and perspective from engaging with leaders across businesses and industries.

Through their willingness to connect at all levels, Leaders Forum Members have become an esteemed and active part of the AFA community, enjoying opportunities to share their experience, inspire new professionals and stimulate thought leadership.

Leaders Forum attracts participants who hold senior management roles in financial services. This includes executives from leading practices that are at the top of the profession and the management of mature, motivated practices that pro-actively seek improvement and growth.

Who can join?

The AFA Leaders Forum is open to Members who:

  • Lead advice businesses, licensees and senior financial services executives
  • Advice business leaders who are likely to have been operating for more than seven years old and manage a team of advisers.

Our Leaders forum committee members

Please contact us for more information about Leaders Forum at events@afa.asn.au