Answers to poll questions at AFA Conference

AFA News 8 October 2021. During Phil Anderson’s Policy Update presentation at the 2021 AFA Conference, he asked a couple of poll questions of the audience.  For those who attended and for those who are otherwise interested, the answers were as follows:

1)         Do you believe that if the Banking Royal Commission had recommended an outright ban on life insurance commissions, that they would be banned by now?

A. Definitely Yes. 31%

B. Maybe, however, the banning process might have been phased in. 37%

C. Probably not yet, as they might still be debating it. 18%

D. No, the Government would have come to their senses and refused to do it.  13%

2)         On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the current level of the red tape index?

A. “9 or 10″ – 63%

B. “7 or 8″ – 33%

C. “5 or 6″ – 3%

D. “4 or less” –  1%

Issued 08.10.2021. AFA Policy & Education Update