Are you lining up for your coffee?

AFA News 6 November 2020. Lining up at the coffee shop and taking note of who’s behind the counter are some of the signs you need to observe, according to Bob Cuneen, Senior Economic & Portfolio Specialist MLC, to get a sense of our economic recovery. Julia Newbould – Editor At Large, Money Magazine Australia discussed “The Shape of things to come” with Bob, Brian Parker, Chief Economist Sunsuper and Matt Wacher, Chief Investment Officer Morningstar.

The discussion is wide ranging with the panel taking a close look at the most recent Federal Budget and looking at what the benefits are of the brought forward tax cuts, Job Keeper/Seeker and the impact of those on the labour market and their views around the various Government settings that may impact the future. The panel spends some time talking about COVID-19 and our economic recovery with Brian Parker proposing, “there is a recovery of sorts in train. So I don’t think you need to have a vaccine to have a recovery, because we don’t have a vaccine but we do have a recovery.” The panel also discusses the impact that COVID-19 has had on the global economy and what the recovery might look like in the future.

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Issued 06.11.2020. AFA News