Changes to the AFA By-Laws on Disciplinary Matters

AFA News 26 November 2020.  The AFA is a recognised tax (financial) adviser association, which delivers important benefits to members under the TPB registration option of “six years full time experience out of the last eight and membership of a professional association”.  This recognition by the TPB places obligations on the AFA, and one of these is with respect to our disciplinary regime.  As part of this year’s TPB annual declaration process, we will agree to commence public reporting of disciplinary action taken against members, including naming those who are terminated or suspended. We will also agree to negotiate information sharing arrangements with our licensee partners. A further change will be made to allow the Board to suspend a member who has been charged with a serious offence. The Board will shortly be meeting to approve these changes to the By-Laws and members will be notified accordingly.

For any questions with the AFA By-Laws or our recognition as a tax (financial) adviser association, please email

Issued 26.11.2020. AFA Policy & Education Update