FASEA amendments

FASEA amendments

AFA News 10 September 2020.  Earlier this week, FASEA released draft amendments to the Education Legislative Instrument.  So, what does this mean for you? During 2020, FASEA has been approving degrees, bridging courses and professional designations to allow recognition of prior learning for existing financial advisers and now all of these courses are being formally recorded in the Education legislative instrument.

In addition to the course approvals, FASEA also announced that any existing adviser who has completed both a relevant degree and a relevant post graduate degree will only be required to complete 2 bridging courses (including Ethics for professionals) in order to meet their education requirements.

Click here for the FASEA Media Announcement.

FASEA have also confirmed approval for two financial planning electives completed as part of the Securities Institute Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance. Click here for this information, if it applies to you.

Issued 10.09.2020. AFA Policy & Education Update