Have your say on the financial advice process and client value

AFA News 18 February 2021. The AFA is very supportive of the increased involvement of Higher Education institutions and academics in researching financial advice and seeking to better understand the consumer experience and the value of financial advice.  We are therefore pleased to support some important research into the financial advice process which is being undertaken by a PhD student who is a long-term financial services person.

Western Sydney University is conducting research into the Financial Advice model in Australia with the aim of helping improve the Financial Advice experience. The input of participants in the Financial Advice Industry will assist this research and will be deeply valued.

The research is being conducted by Craig Keary who has worked in Financial Services for 30 years and is undertaking a PhD which looks at linkages between well-being and the Financial Advice model.

Members are invited to participate in a brief online survey here, which will provide information on the project and then, should you wish to do so, may complete a series of survey questions and some optional free format questions.

In addition, members could also choose to participate in an interview with Craig.

It is intended that this research will be shared with the AFA.

All Individual results and the identity of participants will be treated confidential and this research has been approved by the Western Sydney University Ethics Committee.

If you have any questions with respect to this survey then please contact policy@afa.asn.au

Issued 18.02.2021. AFA Policy & Education Update