How are your CPD plans looking?

AFA News 9 September 2021. Your CPD plan requires you to have 40 FASEA CPD hours by the end of your CPD year. For many this is 30 June, but for some it is 31 December or other dates across the year.

Licensees are required to report to ASIC, anyone who fails to meet their CPD requirements. If this happens, the record will be included against you on the ASIC Financial Adviser Register and once it has been reported it will remain there.

Last year, you may remember, that FASEA granted CPD relief of an additional 3 months to complete the CPD requirements, but this has now expired and has not applied for any CPD year that finished after 18 March 2021. This now means that the CPD requirements, both in total and across all FASEA CPD categories must be completed before the end of your CPD year.

We are conscious that a lot of CPD events, including licensee conferences and PD Days have been cancelled this year as a result of the re-emergence of COVID 19 lockdowns and border closures.

Members are reminded that the AFA EVOLVE Conference is a great source of CPD, with up to 30 hours on offer.

The AFA EVOLVE Conference commences on 21 September 2021 and will be held virtually over two days. You will then have access to additional on demand content for up to four months.

The Conference content will cover all FASEA CPD areas and you will be able to download your own CPD certificate from the new online CPD hub.

The CPD Hub will also allow you to see what FASEA CPD area the content relates to and you will be able to easily see the sessions you have watched and what is remaining.

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Issued 09.09.2021. AFA Policy & Education Update