Personalised FASEA Exam Feedback now available

AFA News 15 April 2021. We understand the frustration some advisers have felt regarding the lack of tailored feedback provided after an unsuccessful exam attempt, and we have lobbied FASEA on your behalf.

FASEA have taken steps to address this and unsuccessful exam candidates can now access individual feedback about the curriculum areas of underperformance for each particular exam that was sat.

This additional feedback must be accessed online and has been made available for all unsuccessful exam candidates who have sat for any exam since June 2019.  We strongly encourage you to review this feedback.

How to access this new information

Step 1 – Log in to as a Returning user using your Application ID and password. (Your Application ID will be FAXXXXXX)

Step 2 – Locate the Results section on the Home page and find the blue result PDF button for each exam you have sat.

Step 3 – Click the PDF button to view your Statement of Results. The result will either be a Pass or a Fail.

If you have failed an exam, your Statement of Results will provide you with feedback on the learning outcomes for you to review based on your responses to questions.

Further information on the exam curriculum area is available in the FASEA Exam Preparation Guidance Document here.

For any questions, please contact

Issued 15.04.2021. AFA Policy & Education Update