Special AFA access to compliance resources from Holley Nethercote

AFA News 10 February 2022. 2021 was a year of huge regulatory change, with numerous significant reforms implemented in a single year.  This included Annual Renewal, Breach Reporting, Reference Checking, and the Design and Distribution Obligations.  It is difficult to stay up to date with so many changes happening at the one time.  Access to compliance experts is one way to help stay on top of these reforms and to remain compliant.

In addition to legal services offered by Holley Nethercote Lawyers, their compliance business, Holley Nethercote Compliance – provides services that include regulatory updates, template policies and training through an online portal, the HN Hub.

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For any enquiries with respect to this offer, please contact Holley Nethercote at info@hnlaw.com.au or via phone on (03) 9670 8200.

Issued 10.02.2022. AFA Policy & Education Update