The #1 or #2 issue facing your business right now is…

AFA News 12 November 2020. Peter Worn – Head of Strategic Relationships at Enzumo, chairs an impressive list of technology experts as they examine Technology Trends impacting advice firms in 2020 and beyond. Peter makes the interesting observation in setting up this panel discussion that a recent survey from Investment Trends has observed that: “90% of advisers believe that technology is either the #1 or #2 issue facing their business right now.”

The panel looks deeply at the frustrations facing advisers and their practices and offers practical observations about tackling the technology challenge. “Best of breed technology will not always come from one provider”; Charles Blake from Avanser observes, with Michael Rouse, Founder & Director of My Prosperity  acknowledging: “The systems that were designed 10-20 years ago, were planning & portfolio systems. These days that just doesn’t differentiate you. That is a binary thing – they either work or they don’t. Things that are amazing, that  advisers want, are amazing client engagement; we want to differentiate ourselves as a practice and the ultimate goal of operationalising the back office.”

We thank all the panel participants, Peter Worn, Peter McCarthy, Michael Rouse, Charles Blake and Johann Koch who joined us live from the UK, for their valuable contribution to our Virtual Conference. Members wishing to watch the Technology Panel (and who have not previously registered for conference) can register for the on-demand conference content at a reduced rate by visiting the conference website here.


Issued 12.11.2020. AFA News