Why an AFA Member Adviser?

Why choose an AFA member adviser?

 When you choose a financial adviser who is a member of the Association of Financial Advisers you instantly know some important things about them:

  • They are qualified and licensed to give financial advice.

  • As an AFA member, the adviser has agreed to abide by a Code of Conduct that governs their professional practice and behaviour.

  • They have committed to undertake professional development that exceeds the mandated regulatory requirement.

  • They have access to extensive training and professional development opportunities.

While meeting academic learning and regulatory requirements are essential to providing quality professional financial advice, it is often the care, attention, empathy and understanding of a financial adviser that clients value most. 

Speaking about money and your hopes, dreams and plans for the future is not always easy and may not be a topic you discuss with everyone. So, it’s important to find a financial adviser who understands you and that you feel a personal connection with. Find the right financial adviser for you.

“AFA advisers put emphasis not just on academic learning but connecting clients to understand what's important to them,” Philip Kewin, AFA CEO.